Is Jerry dead?

was sifting through my mail box when felt the cell phone vibrating in my left pocket. took it out and saw that it was a call from brother. must be again searching for a lost pair of socks or his hanky. as i took the call and said hello, he said ‘good news’. good news! dont expect any good news now. already had my share of good news this month. now what?

it came out that the rat killer medicine that i had put today had worked. while coming to office i mixed a small amount of this medicine (which i didn’t believe will work as it was very old – i couldn’t trace that vendor of rat medicines in the hatiya) with flour. and barely an hour after, this gigantic rat that i talked about in the last post, tasted it. brother told that he hadn’t seen him eating the lethal flour, yet with flour sprinkled around the bowl, was evidence that the task had been done.

immediately after he had snapped this call, he called again. this time to break the news that the rat was lying numb behind an old cot kept in a corner. he was telling that the rat is not making any movements, till he fears touching it since it can bite him.

in the excitement, i also broke the news to my colleagues at office.

just then brother rang up again. he was in panic. the rat had suddenly started moving and before he could do anything, he disappeared.

now the fate of the rat is unclear. had it died at the moment, we would have known the success of our efforts. now until he comes out in the open, live or dead, we will have to continue living in the dread as earlier.