Bye-Bye Anonymoity

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If you have visited this blog lately, you would have noticed that the name of the author has changed. While the author was known as Rahi earlier, he is now known as Aditya. Actually he really is known by that name and he has finally decided to shed that last bit of anonymity by shifting to his true credentials than a pen name as like the poets.

Actually when I began this blog, I had great plans for it. I wanted to keep not a thing to myself. But I also didn’t want my real life contacts to come up to me and say “hey did you really do those things you talked about in your blog”. Therefore, the idea for a pen name.

But two weeks into blogging and I knew I was not game enough to open up my life. Besides there was not much to share. And about my real life contacts reading my blog -they have many better things to do than read me.

So I had been mulling over a name change for long.

First I changed the name of my blog. Again driven by the notion that my life would be a great read, I had named by blog as Chronicle Of My Life.

But who would really want to chronicle my life. Most of the days it’s home to office and office to home.

I realized it and added the bye-line One More Day In Life, meaning to show that life for me is just another day, nothing new.

Then one fine day it occurred to me if I can name my blog as ItyaAdi. Now that’s a play on my name. Also ItyaAdi is miscellaneous in Hindi; thus denoting that my blog’s forte is that it talks on multitude of topics. It was taken well among my readers and some of them also mailed to me.

And then the Facebook bug hit me. I shared my link for the first time on my personal profile. I loved it and finally last week I went for the name change. Not too many readers but sure I had shed anonymity, the last bit of it.

So this blog is now officially being written by Aditya. And if you would like to be friends on Facebook, search me as fb dot com slash adityaujjual

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