Bahubali by Prakash Jha on Mahua

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(I would like to specify that I am in no way related to Mahua Channel or the producers/directors of this serial. In this post, I have only attempted to give a brief summary (not exactly a review) of the Bahubali serial aired on Mahua channel.  Readers are welcome to share their views on the serial. Criticisms are most welcome. However, please do not leave requests for acting in Bhojpuri serials or CDs of the serial, as there’s little I can help you with.)

For all of you who understand Bhojpuri, there’s a tele-serial I would like to recommend (I know my past recommendations have not fared as well; “kahani hamaray mahabharat ki” was one of them. But take my word this last time).

Bahubali, directed by Prakash Jha, renowned director of movies like Apahran and Gangajal, is aired at 9.30 P.M week nights on Mahua channel (it is the first Bhojpuri channel).


And true to his claims, the story is really different. Complement this with excellent acting skills displayed by characters (very rarely seen in Bhojpuri movies and soaps which are loud and rustic). The best thing about this serial is that it makes use of both Bhojpuri and Hindi, emphasising on the fact that local people of this region speak both languages. The characters speak the common man’s language, thus giving it a humble and back-there feeling.

Here is the story so far.

The serial is about two warring families of Maharajganj, some place in Uttar Pradesh.

The heads of both families have already given their lives in gang fights, and the successors of both families are sworn to avenge their deaths.

Baba, who is the head of one warring family has Vijaykanth as the bahubali or don of the area in his camp. This makes the camp more powerful.

But the other camp is not a weakling too. Under the chairmanship of Dulari Devi, the wife of Late Babban lal (killed in gang fights), and with the help of her two brothers, Puttan and Binda, is waging a tough fight against Baba.

Both camps have political ambitions too. They know that they can only further their power if they have political control over their area.

Baba and company announce Nisha Sharma as their candidate. She is the daughter-in-law of the family and aims to bring development and peace to Maharajganj, thanks to her upbringing in the open society of Mumbai.

Her opponent is K.D. Yadav, who is the son in law of Dulari Devi. However, he seldom gets the respect due to a son in law, maybe because he is making a living in his wife’s home (Ghar jamais have little respect in the indian society). However, one thing where he differs from the pack is that he is against any violence (at least he doesn’t professes violence of any sort).

So when he hears about the kidnap of Jaishwal’s son, he is furious at his mother in law.

But Dulari Devi has no hand in the kidnap of Jaishwal’s son. It is the handiwork of Baba and Vijaykanth.

Before I get on with Jaishwal’s story, let me first introduce you with Megha and Uday. Megha is the daghter of Baba and camp. Uday is the son of Dulari Devi. Now what ties them together is the love that germinated during their studies in Australia. Coming back to Maharajganj, they have found what big a blunder they have done of loving each other. with their families fighting with each other, would they ever allow their marriage. They want to run off this place, but are tied with familial duties and responsibilities. Until now they have succeeded in hiding their love from the glare of their families.

Coming back to Jaishwal now. Jaishwal is the head of businessmen in the Maharajganj market. He also has a sizable vote bank of banias and marwaris. When he declines support for Nisha Sharma (Baba’s candidate to the election) since he has already promised support to KD, Vijaykanth kidnaps his son to pressurise him.

Nisha Sharma wins the election with a landslide victory. On introspection is found that the businessmen of Maharajganj had betrayed KD and Dulari Devi. She immediately orders her brothers to launch a search for the kidnapped boy and gets him killed to turn popular feeling against Baba and camp.

As soon as the maimed boy is found lying near the Gandhi Chowk, the public is outraged against Baba and Vijaykanth. Jaishwal and his wife lay seige before the doors of Baba’s residence and the SP has to arrest Vijaykanth.

In the meantime, Dulari Devi and a few politicians, who fear Vijaykanth and his growing clout, plan with the SP to get him killed in the jail. It is the responsibility of Jaishwal to arrange the Rs 1 crores to be paid as prize money for the SP.

Jaishwal, like every common man, is sandwiched in the fights between the two families. First, he has lost his only son. Now he also has to arrange the sum of Rs 1 crore. Instead he decides to be part with Baba and coins a plan to nail the Dulari Devi camp, convinced that it was she who got her son killed.

He informs Dulari that Baba would be coming out of his fort like home and if she wants, can get him killed at this opportune time.

Unfortunately, Dulari Devi sends the black sheep of the family to kill Baba.

Rajjan Lal is the brother in law of Dulari Devi, and much hated for his bad ways. He has fallen in love with Seema Kumari, the daughter of the local pimp, who won’t part with her prize for less than Rs.50,000. So where does he arrange the Rs. 50,000. Of course from the safe of his sister-in law. And when the theft comes into the open, he easily saves himself in the lack of substantial proof. Anyway Dulari Devi would have wanted escape from this man. If he is able to kill Baba, very good. If not, at least he will be killed in the process.

Does Rajjan Lal fall in the trap of Baba? No! This time around Dulari and camp are destined to lose. But they lose KD instead.

When Rajjan Lal sees that he has been trapped, he instantly crosses over to Baba and camp and tells that he would do anything for them. Baba demands of him to kill KD, the political heir.

But KD is not dead. He has fallen in coma; much to the despair of Rajjan Lal who fears that his truth will come out if KD survives: He made up a story that Baba killed KD and was about to beat him to death.

Will KD wake up to tell the real story? Will Vijaykanth die in police lock-up? What will be the fate of Megha and Uday, the love birds? Will Nisha Sharma win the next round of elections? And what will be the fate of Jaishwal who has fled the city because his betrayal has once again come in the open?

I would be hooked on to the television for all these answers. If you people have liked the story until now, I would recommend you people too to switch on Mahua channel at 9.30 P.M weeknights.

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90 thoughts on “Bahubali by Prakash Jha on Mahua

  1. m not very sure about this. i started watching it midway. but it was soon after mahua channel was launched, which was in august last year. still if u r planning to watch this with a background of the story i have said, u will easily catch up the story. btw can u understand bhojpuri? also does this channel appear at the place u residing now?

  2. Dear

    Mahua Channel’s all Members
    Very Congratulation For coming soon on Website

    We like your Chanel very fantastic Channel Your Channel Please hurry up! Give on website we are waiting this Channel

    Thanks ,
    Your Best regards
    Siwan (Bihar)841438

  3. ham allahabad k hai hamke bahut khusi ba ki ek aisa channel khula jehman bhojpuri dekhawal jala hamre khusi ke kaunaw thekan nai ba ham modeling aur acting karai chahith aur ,ab Bhagwan ji se ihai prarthna ba ki hamar jiwan mahua channel se shuru hoi .hamke bahut khushi hoe agar ham aisan kai paye to atau aur break mila tab ham khud mahua me kam karab .hamke bahu bali bahut pasand ba aur aokar gana t aur ii chainnal kholes okar dhanyabad

    prakash singh(fashiondesigner)
    allahabad se
    jai ho Bharat ki

  4. Ram ram bhaiya,
    are humni ke sab kuchh thik lagal, hum toh bombai me rhat bani par mahua channe jarur dekhat ba, sab kuchh thik hai lekin News kharkat ke jagah News kharkatal naam rahi mazza aa jai.


  5. I thinks there is some change in telecasting time of Serial Mahua. You have launched a new serial. Can you know the new time of telecasitng of Mahua or it is on hold due some internal problem

    Waiting for your reply

    • I was a regular follwer of the Bahubali serial since beginning of its episode. But now its not coming i dont why its so, It might be serial has been discontinued after the defeat of Mr. Prakash Jha in Parliamentary election 2009. He had put all the eforts in politics rather than his expertise.
      God Bless Him!!!!!!

  6. Namste ji;

    my name is kuldeep tiwai from pratapgarh ( u.p) but still we stay in mumbai. ( vasai)
    i watch the mahua tv on daily basis …the good movies & serials i liked it .
    I also instreated in acting & Lyricist so i request you kindly give me 1 chance for my carrer…i also need a star of Mahua tv…

    so as any work of my side so kindly contact me as on mobile no:- 9823598726 .

    Raua se yehi nivaden baa ki hamre is manokamna ke purna kareke koshish kari …dhanyvad .hamro yehi sapna baa ki more mahua tv sabse aage jaaye aur sab channels se aage ho. okrikhatir jaun ho saki hum kare ki khatir tayar bani…

    vasai( East)

  7. I was a regular follwer of the Bahubali serial since beginning of its episode. But now its not coming i dont why its so, It might be serial has been discontinued after the defeat of Mr. Prakash Jha in Parliamentary election 2009. He had put all the eforts in politics rather than his expertise.
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!God Bless Him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • hey they wrapped up the serial in haste. don’t know why. also don’t know if the basic reason was jha’s defeat in the LS elections. if you want to know the ending, it was this way.

      uday’s family comes to know that he is in megha’s house. while they r coming to take him back, vijaykant also comes to know of this. thinking that they wud kill his sister, he comes with the entire force. there they get into a gun fight and all of them die- dulari devi, puttan, vijaykant. megha’s husband says that she is free to go with uday and they run in perfect family style.

  8. I want to meet you for the business.I want to provide a new cannel i request you, please send me messege on my email address. I will wait your messege. Thanking you,
    vinod kumar jha

  9. dear sir,
    maine apke bahubali serial ko ek baar pahle bhi dekh chuka hu.aap dubara bhi dekh raha hu.
    pl.mujhe bahubali serail ka full cd/dvd cassete chahiye.
    ise main ek hi saath pura dekhna chahta hu.
    ye mujhe kaha sara address with phone no
    ke jankari dijiya.

  10. Dear Producer Saab of Bahubali,
    The Bahubali Serial again airing on the Mahua TV on the same time as earlier. its good that i missed some of the episode at begining.
    But the queation is that what will happen to sponsership as this is the prime time n u r repeating the same story.

    kya aap story ko aage badhayenge jahan per last time end kiya tha. kyoki last time aapne thodi jaldi me hi serial ko wrap ker diya tha.
    aur ager aage badhayenge to kis tara se aapne to saare main character ko hi maar diya;

    pata nahi aapki ye repeated story kab tak aapko paise dila payegi n Mahua TV se humlog jude reh payenge


  11. Pranam,
    Hum U.P. ke Ghazipur district ke hai aur hume Mahua pe ane wala serial Bahubali bahut pasand hai. Hum rat ko 9:30 p ye jarur se dekhte hai. Is serial jaisa realty kahin nahi mila.

  12. Thanks ti prakash Jha It is a real story of bihar and u.p and very toching to heart I regular see your Bahubali serial But I want to purchase C.D of bahubali to see from start to end kindly guide.
    aJIT sINGH

    • HI,

      The actor who plays the part of Vijaykant is Bhanu Uday Goswami. He is a NSD graduate and so are ther actors like Baba ( chetan Pandit)and Amarkant ( Mukesh Tiwari).

      I too like Bhanu Uday and watch Baahubali only for him

  13. humko bhut hi khusi hai ki Bahubli jaisa serial Prakash Jha ji ne diya unke jaisa soch sayad kisi Director me ho kya unki soch hai hum unko salam karte jai Prakash JHa ji aap to Bihar hi nhi pure INDIA ki saan ho aap .humare desh ki Political ek such ke rup me aap dikhte ho sayad ye sub b dekhkar hamarei janta ki soch badal jaye.hum Lucknow se Manish Pandey aapko Very-2 thanks kahte ki aap ne Bahubli jaisa serial diya hai aur sabhi actor ko b thanks.

  14. sadar namaskaar,,,
    bahubali jaisaa serial aaj tak maine dekhaa hi nahi jo bhojpuri mahua channel pe aa rahaa hai, lekin isame kuchh khamiyaa hai , jo mai likha rahaa hoo,

    pandit(bramhan) hindu dharm ke pujniye hai , aur sastro ke gyataa bhee hai, bahubali bramhano ki kahani hai, jisame ek aadami jo wah bhee gundaa hi hotaa naam to yaad nahi aa rha hai, lekin apane bibi se apane saale ke baare kahataa hai,are ye to murgaa faadataa rahaa hogaa. ye baat bramhan ke liye theek nahi isase yah pratit hotaa hai, maans khaane ke liye bramhano ko uksayaa jaa rahaa.hai, agar yah serial thakur khan-daan kaa hotaa. to shayad baat hi kuchh alag hoti,,,,,

  15. Mahua channel ke Janam Daata ke Lakh Lakh Parnaam. He is actual ‘Mard’ of bhojpuria samaaj. Becz of him we are able to raise our heads high and also boast of our language is still live. You are true champion and real-life hero of those people, whoose feet are still grounded to earth (Jameen se juda hua). Finally, I am fan of Prakash Jha and his Team. All the actors in his team are extraordinary artists. My heartly salute and well wishes to them.

    • hi i m also belongs to aalahabad iwas read your commemnt i like your seance of humar will u plese accet my frends ship
      your unnown frend

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  17. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to catch up with the story since the beginning of it. But I admit the serial is a breakthrough, unique in its own ways. Amidst the crappy reality TV shows, that one gets to see(although I don’t know what category of psychotic people like to watch it), this presents something durable and with the real essence of the UP/Bihar soil. I work in Bangalore but being a bihari at heart like to smell the aroma of this dish Prakash Jha has cooked. About the serial, the characters have been chosen with precision and suitability, not just to fill up the slots.


    • hey I too liked the serial for just the very reasons…generally other bhojpuri serials or movies are too loud, which may have been called overacting. now what can one expect if you bring on non-bhojpuri people to do a bhojpuri serials. But I liked this one, first for the story and then for the power packed performances by actors. anyways if you have been following mahua for long, you will know that they are showing a repeat of the serial. that means I have already seen the whole act. but still like to watch it.

  18. Respected sir(Mr prakash jha)
    ham madhubani jila ke rah wala chhi hamara aha ke banawal cinema gangal bahut nik lagal chhal aur mahua par seriol banabe ke lel dhanyabad.bahubali hamara bahut nik seriol laget achhi ham rojana bahubali dekhet chhi bahubali dekhla ke bad gav ke yaad aabi jayat achhi bahubali ke dialogue delivery hamra bahut nik lagait achhi.vagvan hamesha apan aashirbad ahak upar me banen rahaith e hamar mangal kamna ahak lel achhi.

  19. we proud feel my lord………
    sir, my self anjaney tiwari blong gorakhput(UP)…
    im passout in AAFT Noida FOR film making…..
    sir i need ur help adwise about film carier….with i m also intrested acting script writing with camera handlind…so sir i want u give me a chance…for something…..u whenever call me… cell no is ..09628383021….thank’s…….

  20. Mahua chanal is a good entertaining i like it very well. Bahubali is very real story i watching it from jan 10 how can i get the dvd of bahubali if any one have answer plz contact me at 9910816466
    khirhar Madhubani

  21. Hi sir I am jitendra kumar s/o vijay kumar hazari mohalla noon ka chauraha patna city sir mane aapka bahubali serial dekha hai mujhe bahut achha laga hai sir mai ek rangmanch artist hoo agar aapke pass mere liye koi kam hai to bataye mai aapka sada abhari rahooga…

    Jitendra kumar

  22. Hello sir mera name dhiraj srivastava hai aur mera umra 22 sal hai aur mai bhojpuri serial aur film me kam karna chahata hu me varanasi u.p ka rahane wala hu to mera app se request hai mujhe contecat kare i mail id or 09236087015 app mujhse contact kare to mai app ko apna photo bhej dunga thank you

  23. Sir this is one of my fabourate tv show……….
    please repeat the starting episode of this serial whwn the Amarkant is live and he was the “BAHUBALI” of MaharajGanj.


  24. sir, mera naam ashok prasad hai. sir me aapke serial BAHUBALI me role play karna chahta hu, agar aap chahe to. main rahne wala gorakhpur ka hu. avi cs-inter me hu. agar aap ek mauka de to hum apna pura 100% dena ka koshis karenge. mera pura family kolkata me rehta hai, agar aapke serial me koi role ho to plz mujhe inform kijiyega. mera mobile no-9874737124 hai.

  25. I like most this tv chanel, all prog.telecast in this are very interesting.I want to become a part of this tv chanel by anchoring .HAMAR BHOJPURIA ZINDABAD,JAY HIND.

  26. Jha Sahab ,

    Really i m fan of this serial.This Serial Want some promo on other chanals so give it you really get good response.

    Harendera Kumar Jha

  27. sir, mera naam mahesh mishra hai. sir me aapke serial BAHUBALI me role play karna chahta hu, agar aap chahe to. main rahne wala deoria ka hu.agar aap ek mauka de to hum apna pura 100% dena ki koshis karenge. mera pura Pariwar Ludhiana me rehta hai, agar aapke serial me koi role ho to plz mujhe inform kijiyega. mera mobile no-09592745944 hai.

  28. sir
    i like bahubali serial but i want to watch bahubali serial on inter net plz sir kindly my homble request for you that all episode update on youtube website .than every body watch on inter net because piror to that every person haven”t watched your some episode.if you can try to updated
    than that is why i will always greatfull to you
    thanks & regards
    sarvjeet singh

  29. sir
    i like.. no we like BAHUBALI very-2 much. but sir the timing of the seriel is a very big problem (7pm & 10am). we r a common person we don’t suit the time.i request u to repeat telecast the pro. on the old time means (10.30pm) or early morning @ any time even(6am to 9am).
    thank u very much sir i hope u’ll definitelly understand our emotion. byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

  30. Mughe bahut dukh hain ki aap logo ne BHUBALI jaise serial ka timing change kar diya lekin jab wo serial reapit hota tha to hum dekh lete the lekin ab aap logo ne wo bhi band kar diya ,Dear this is not fare

  31. you have change night time of was 10.30.but you have not declared new please tell me .


  33. Please change the serial time, 7 p.m is not suitable for job/service men. so pls updated time such as 9.00 to 10.30

    Hmar nam anup kumar singh ha,hm baagi ballia se belong karile,lekin abi hm lucknow me bani,hmar educational qualification B.A. Haw.hmra bachpane se singing acting or dancing ke saukh ha,hm rauwar channel bahut pasand karila,hmra singing or acting ke bahut shauk ha ,rauwa sabhe se nivedan ba ki hmra ke ek hali chance dihi taki hm oh channel ke sath judke oh chennel or apna gaw ke apna desh ke naw bnayi,rauwa logan se vinamra vinti ba hmar daya kari or ego chance di,hm behtar kr skile e hm janile,hmar phone 097957210 haw . rauwa logan ke bahut bahut upkar hoi,

  35. dear sir i with mywhole family like the serial bahubali. kindly arrage to repeat the serial so that we live this serial. thanks in advance.

  36. bahubali, it is one of the fantastic serial i have ever watched. all characters are strongly depicted and acted. the goons have lived to their characters. Direction is flawless.

  37. अचरवा हे गोइया उड़ उड़ जाला॥

    हंस हंस अखिया मा चमके कजरवा॥

    अचरवा हे गोइया उड़ उड़ जाला॥

    हंस हंस के होठवा लागल बिरावय॥

    चढ़ती जवानी अब कुछ न बुझाला॥

    अचरवा हे गोइया उड़ उड़ जाला॥

    बहे पुरवईया आवय अलशायी॥

    देख सुरतिया मन मुस्कायी॥

    देहिया से निकरत बाटे उजाला॥

    अचरवा हे गोइया उड़ उड़ जाला॥

    पाँव कय पयलिया छम छम बाजे॥

    चंचल मन मोरा खूब नाचे॥

    रहि रहि उनके मनवा दिठाला ॥

    अचरवा हे गोइया उड़ उड़ जाला॥

  38. Dear , Prakash Jha Bhaiya pranam . Sabse phle apko subhkamna ki aqne bahubli jaisa sereal bnaya isk sare kirdaron ne gajb ka
    rol kiya hai khaskr “VIJAYKANT & BABA” ne to behtrin abhinay kiya hai . Is sereal ko mai (Abhinav Rai) aur mere Sir Mr. SATISH TRIPATHI g & Iswar Singh sare kam chod kr dekte hai . Mai ek Dainik news paper Cryme reporter hun . Agar hm feild me bhi hote hai to bhi “Bhahubli” ko jrur dekhte hain . Mai Prakash g apse ek baar milna chahta hu ye sahi ki ap busy hain lekin agar samay mila to main jrur milunga . Bhaiya agar time ho to pls calj 09935672722 pls sir . Bahubli & Mahua team ko slam . Apka chota bhai Abhinav RAI Gorakhpur

  39. I am a drumer(musician ) i want to compose a lyrics for this serial.
    and i want to be a carecter of the act.(Bahubali)

  40. hi uday i m madhu, ur my favourite character in bahubali, u r perfectly suited in this role n i also like d role of baba. And at last uday apse request hai, aap jb bhi mere comments ko dekho, plz mujhe reply jarur krna. I m ur very big fan n i wanna friendship with u. maine apko facebook pe bahut search kiya, lekin aap mile nhi, agr aap facebook pe ho to plz mujhe friend request bjej do. Its my full of heartiest request to you, plz don’t disapoint me, i m waiting very despirately. aphi aap kisi aur serial me kaam kr rhe ho ya nhi, plz ye bhi btana. my mail id-

    • Hi Madhu, I am Aditya this side, the author of this blog. I am approving your comment so that whenever your favourite character Uday gets a chance to see your comment, he writes to you. Good luck.

      • thankx Aditya! can u tell me d new timing of bahubali? and plz tell him to join me on facebook. bye.

  41. can u please again start baahubali. I ll be ever thankful to u. I m big fan of this serial nd bhanu uday goswami vijaykanth.

  42. Mai bahubali show ke directer aur sabhi actor se request karna chahta hun ke iss show ko phir se suru kiya jaye nahi to iska ek back up CD MARKET ME LAUNCH KIYA JAYE

  43. uncle apne jo bahu bali serial banaya h.uska mai kahil ho gya hu aour mai yek company me manager ke post pe hu.aour apka serial bahu bali dekhane ke chakkar me job khatre me h.koe bat nahi jindagi me dukh aour sukh to laga rahta h.thanks

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