So much for honour

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She was her father’s favorite. Taking after her mother, she had a darker complexion. Relatives would often wonder who would marry the girl. But for her father she was too young to think about her marriage.

But when have children grown up for parents. So was Pramila, who was a small girl in her father’s eyes even though she had started college.

He first realised this when an office colleague hesitantly said that he had seen Pramila with a boy.

He still didn’t think it was important. And the talk just missed his mind.

Then one day Anshu, his second child, was seen shouting at her. When he scolded him for talking to his elder sister badly, his wife took his side and told him about the boy.

‘Ok I will talk to her’, he had said then.

Later that night after dinner, he came to her room and asked if what Anshu was telling was correct.

‘See don’t tell any lies because I have heard about this earlier as well. But then I thought it is just one of your college friends’.

‘Yes, daddy he studies in my college only, but I love him’.

‘Love! Do you even know what love is. This is just a teenage figment of your mind’.

‘But daddy I love him’.

‘I don’t want to hear a thing’, he said and barged out of her room.

Later that night her mother filled in with the remaining details of the boy. And what came out prominently was that he belonged to the lower class.

From that day onwards Pramila suddenly lost all her freedom. Anshu would pick and drop her from the select college classes she was allowed.

Then one day he came home to the news that Anshu had beaten up the boy along with his friends. The boy had tried to meet Pramila in the college library. He was in the hospital with a hand broken and several wounds.

Her mother supported Anshu. When Pramila said that Anshu too was eve-teasing girls, she said supporting him, ‘he is a boy’.

Pramila expected her father to help. But he was sure that the best thing for Pramila is surely not the boy. So he decided to not allow his love to come in between. He believed that Pramila would forget the boy in a few days.

But whether it was a teenage infatuation or love, Pramila decided to run away from home. One night as everyone was fast asleep, she fled with her lover.

2 thoughts on “So much for honour

    • of course pramila’s story doesn’t end here. basically her story starts from here. people said the couple fled to nagpur. some people also said that the boy was not of good character and that the girl would have been sold. No one tried to check where she had gone…again for honours sake.

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