Tumhara post-office khula hai

It was Teachers Day and the norm of the day was to play the part of a teacher. I had been chosen to play Singh sir who taught us Accountancy. However, although I just had to copy his way of speaking and scolding students, I also copied something that he was embarrassed of, unknowingly and unfortunately in his presence.

Singh sir often forgot to close his fly. Many a times he had come in that state inside the class; his colorful under-wears in full view of the girls who sat on the front benches. Then when he would recognize it he would turn towards the blackboard and zip it back.

I had copied a few dialogues of Mr. Singh that were sure to generate some laughs. One of his very famous dialogues was “one slap and poster on the wall”. Even good practice didn’t help me recover the nervousness. And as last minute preparations, I had visited the loo around 5 times over the last 10 minutes. And just before the class was to resume, I felt the nature’s call once again.

As I came out of the loo, the students had already gone inside the class. I saw from one of the windows that Mr. Singh had taken one of the back benches and was having a nice chit-chat with students.

I entered the class and everyone (including Singh sir) rose to greet me with a good morning. I had expected some distractions at this point of time, particularly from one group of back-benchers. However, as Sir was sitting just beside them, they couldn’t do anything.

Just as I was feeling good at this feat that I heard two girls giggling at me. As I moved my eyes towards them, they lowered their face and stopped laughing. Another feat – I am certainly turning into a good teacher, I thought.

I resumed the class. I started with revising the chapter that Mr. Singh had last taught us. And I was really very good at the lecture. Soon I was taking questions as well. Manish raised his hands and I directed everyone to hear him.

“Tumhara post-office khula hai”, he said very slowly. I was over a metre away from him and couldn’t hear him. But those near him started laughing.

I sensed that he is trying to make fun of me.

“What did you say? I couldn’t hear”, I said.

Everyone laughed again.

“Tumhara post-office khula hai”, he said again a bit more loud but still not audible for me. More students laughed.

I was furious. “Hey, if you have any qurestion ask it properly. I still am not able to hear you”

“Tumhara post office khula hai”, he said it loud this time.

“Oh shit!” This is all that I could say.

I turned towards the blackboard and even though I zipped my fly, I couldn’t face the class.

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