Nirbhaya Rape Case vs. Anonymous Juvenile


You thought this is gruesome. How can such a practice exist in the present civilized world?

Consider this now. Something like this is happening in India right now. Not in some far flung village. But in an India that we live. Cities, towns, news channels, on social media.

The man being stoned is the anonymous juvenile of Nirbhaya rape case.

The men who are throwing the stones are us. Everyone of us who are baying for the blood of the juvenile.

Don’t get the correlation? Why is it so difficult?

Most probably the person stoned in the picture here did an act that was equally gruesome as the juvenile.protest

Now you will say that at least you are not calling for capital punishment. Just asking for justice to take its course.

Imagine what will happen to this juvenile if he is housed in say Tihar Jail. There are many options for him. He will further learn the ropes of the underworld trade, thanks to so many murderers, rapists, criminals who he will be staying with. Most probably he will have to bear the rape everyday that he committed once. What kind of a man he will be if he ever comes out of jail?

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One thought on “Nirbhaya Rape Case vs. Anonymous Juvenile

  1. Civilisation is only a surface veneer that operates to dress wolves in sheeps clothing.
    It sometimes takes the guise of religion pretending to be something it is not. Freud had it about right the three battling parts of our personalities: id, ego, super ego.

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