Chhath Pooja is being politicised. What about Ganesh Chaturthi or Dahi handi

MNS chief Raj Thackeray said yesterday that he is not against Chhath Pooja (after going against his earlier statement that he was opposed to the festival being organised by Biharis in various parts of Mumbai).

However, this turnaround on his last statement is on one condition – that Chhath Pooja will not be politicised. Mr. Raj Thackeray, can I know what do you exactly mean by politicising the festival?

Does politicising the Chhath festival mean alleging support or funding the festival?

If yes, I would like to show you a quote by one of your own party members during the recent Ganesh Chaturthi festival. Source: Indian Express

“Leaders across parties will be funding and supporting Ganesh mandals this year because elections are approaching. It is our festival and with the recent focus on the Marathi issue, it is a good publicity technique for the parties,” said Raju Palande, an MNS leader.

One more leader of your tribe says:

“We have put up five times more banners compared to last year. We have put up names and photos of local office bearers so that they can be recognised by the people. We are gaining in on the publicity garnered over the last six months,” said Andheri vibhag MNS leader Sandeep Dalvi.

What do you have to say on these Mr. Raj Thackeray?

I hope you will have answers ready to prove that this is not politicising. I think you will apply the same “son of the soil” alibi to save your face now; i.e. you can do such politicising of your own festivals because you are the son of the soil.

By the way, you seem to give more such illogical logics these days. Only yesterday you said this:

“When Lalu Prasad was the Chief Minister of Bihar, there were 1,200 murders. But, there was no demand to book him under NSA. When Biharis were killed in Assam, there was no uproar. A Goan minister opposed starting of a Goa-Bihar railway by saying that the state did not want more beggars. Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dixit also spoke against people of Bihar and UP. But, only when Raj Thackeray speaks, there is a nationwide uproar and the Prime Minister has to intervene.”

Does murder and exploitation become legal if many people are doing it?

You really seem to be a maniac Raj? God knows when these political parties will be tieing your hands rather than just gaining political mileage of the situation.

My humble plea to all mumbaikars who have decided to do Chhath in mumbai is that they do not believe Raj Thackeray. Who knows what act of yours gives him the excuse of defining your act as political and he rampages your festival mood. May Chhath ma give him some sense and restore peace in Mumbai.