Mr. Jerry is giving me sleepless nights

these days a rat is giving me sleepless nights. know what this is a rat that commonly resides in the drains. it is half the size of a common indian cat.

first it came through the open drain hole near the wash basin in the kitchen. when i kept a heavy slab, it ate into the plastic duct pipe leading to the drain.

and had it been for a common rat, we would have somehow adjusted with it. but here knowing that this must have tasted the best of muck available in the area to achieve this huge size.

so while i avoid keeping any eating item open, i always fear for the kadai, since it still has some surface open.

and it passed the limits while i was out on a vacation. in the absence of any eatery, it cut my brothers shorts. he had bought it new.

i remember a similar incident that my brother and bhabhi when they shifted to this new house while it was still under construction. there was no window pane and a cat who knew this loophole always used to steal into the house in search of her daily dose.

and such was the dread of this cat that my brother used to have a catty nightmare. in fact he used to keep the milk just beside himself while sleeping (back then we didnt have a refridgerator).

annoyed of this one new intruder into my house, i am planning a strict step. the last week’s hatiya didn’t have the vendor selling the rat killer medicine. and the rat stays alive only until the vendor isn’t seen. So Mr. Jerry get prepared, i am coming.