World’s problems have deeper inter-connected roots!



Sometimes I feel that more than 90% of the world’s problems can be solved in just two steps.

First, understand the root cause of a problem; how did it start? There must have been something that must have caused it. Whether it’s bigger problems like terrorism or smaller problems that smaller beings like you or me face.

Second, forget, forgive and make amends.

Terrorism is the hot topic these days. How do you think it started? Did some men just decide one fine day to hold the world to ransom? Or was there a background to it. There sure was.

Close to us is Afghanistan where Taliban was/is a force to reckon with. There have been claims that it was the creation of the US to fight the erstwhile USSR. USSR had made Afghanistan a base for its cold war operations. US instead made Pakistan its base and left the country handicapped by pumping money in buying warfare and creating a base for Taliban. India’s problems start after this.

Politics is a dirty field. World politics is dirtier. Afghanistan, a country that was once home to the mighty Kushana empire was left in a rubble. Because US decided to chase someone who had wronged the US in US soil for the first time. This someone was a product of Taliban. This is a classic case of Frankenstein’s monster.

But more baffling is why did US and USSR get into fighting each other when they fought together in World War 2 against Germany and the Axis powers. That was because both wanted a share of the imperialistic wealth that had made small countries like England, Spain, France etc. so rich. By the way half the new world is still fighting the seeds of problems sowed by these small countries. Take the Africas for example.

World politics is confusing. And most of the world problems arise because people just look into the immediate problems. They don’t look at what caused the problem. If they do, they will understand that whatever is happening isn’t all unjustified. And if it is not justified, we shouldn’t look for reaction in the way we do. We will understand that his or her action had a background. Maybe if I don’t react, this will end.

It will be difficult for politicians to agree to this simple logic because they have their own selfish motives. But at least common people like us can think this way. At least we will not have such strong reactions to things happening around us. Maybe this will then force our local politics to change and make way for a change in World politics some day.

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