Happy Deepavali

Happy Deepavali

Happy Deepavali

Happy Deepavali to all my readers.

all of u might b thinking that where have i disappeared from the blogosphere.

it was all because of deepavali and also performance appraisal.

as all of u might have known that i have resolved to blog only on weekends. so the weekends were busy for shopping and so no blogging for two to three weeks.

god knows what are girls made of. they never tire of shopping, not even my 5 months pregnant bhabhi.

so today that deepavali has ended today and the pooja is over, i am blogging because of no better things to do.

no, i prefer to spend the day with family. so no gambling, no visiting friends, also no fire crackers (because of a death in the neighbourhood, diwali is a low key affair).

but i like decorating my house.

this time i had also committed to prepare a gharkunda (it is a small mud house that we prepared when we were children). but until today the chances of preparing one were bleak. then suddenly things started happening. and the gharkunda was prepared and decorated with colourful papers, lights, etc. not satisfying though.

this time we decorated the house well in time. in past years, the decorations used to stretch well into evening.

i did the pooja this time. i insisted on bhaiya and bhabhi doing the ganesh laxmi pooja. also it was their first deepavali after marriage. but they didn’t because of a small spat between them – you know the usual spat about girls. sometimes these things can be hillarious – once my bhabhi woke up from a dream and started fighting with brother. why? because she had seen him being friendly with a girl in her dream.

so deepavali is over for us now. ate many sweets. there are more. also dahi vada – prepared on special order. there is more on menu – will eat once this blog ends.

let’s talk about performance appraisal quickly. in this times of recession, economic slowdown, and job cuts, it is strange that we are getting an increment on salary.

performance appraisal was due in october. but 3 more days left for october to end and appraisal is nowhere to be seen.

thought that boss would give his decision on the eve of diwali. but he didn’t break his silence.

talking about pre-deepavali and everyone looks forward to what gifts is one getting from office.

we didn’t hope to get a good deepavali gift. last year we got a box full of local made chocolates.

but this year boss has been extra generous- he gave us swiss chocolates.

also we look forward to gifts from relatives, friends and neighbours. but that also means that we have to give others equivalent gifts.

okays, i am ending now. it’s time to hit the plates.