Why no TAM for Bihar

Did you know this?

Except for Bihar, Jharkhand, J&K, and the North Eastern states, TAM meters are available in all states.

For those who do not know, TAM meters are used to calculate TRP or Television Rating Points.

The voice of biharis (jharkhandis included) is considered insignificant in media. and therefore no TAM for bihar.

For J&K and the North Eastern States, this is well understood because they are war torn and certain rights of people living in these states are curtailed.

but why Bihar and Jharkhand.

Don’t media habits of the people of these states have any impact on the advertisers?

this explains why bihar finds so little mention in print and electronic media.

and whenever biharis find mention in media, it is to make fun of their rustic habits.

being rustic for a punjabi sikh is worth showing. being rustic for a bihari is worth nothing.