The Indian Muslim is confused, worried and angry

Imran, a ten year old, tells that his grandfather believes all Hindus are kafirs. But he enjoys watching Ramayan and watches it in his hindu friends’ home, unknown to his grandfather.

Latif was in office the day police shot dead terrorists and caught some more in a flat in Jamia Nagar. He is worried. Not because one from his ‘kaum’ has lost life. He is worried about his khala (aunt) who stays closeby.

Matin is angry. A colleague has just said that he rightfully belongs to Pakistan. Does he? His father, grandfather and many more generations before have stayed in India. Then how come he is from Pakistan or any other muslim country.

The Indian muslim is confused and worried and angry.

As soon as a bombing or a communal riot takes place, he is required to take sides.

As soon as the neighbouring Pakistan prepares for attack on India or attacks India, he is required to take sides.

As soon as someone from the community bombs some city, he is required to take sides.

He is required to take sides for all muslims all over the world.

Why is this standard not applicable to hindus?

Why is a Hindu in India not responsible for a Hindu in Nepal supporting ISI of pakistan?

It has been in open now that hindus too indulge in unlawful activities. But everytime such a thing happens from the majority community, soon a civilised group appears within hindus that condemns the activities.

In recent years, some civilised groups within the Islamic community too have come to condemn the ills, but they are very few or they are considered hoax.

Many say that the Muslims mustn’t have been allowed in India at the time of partition.

Can India be freed of Muslims?

My answer is no. Pakistan, which is a Muslim country, still houses Hindus and people advocating other religions (let’s not talk now about the pains these minority communities have to face there). Is it then possible for India to oust Muslims being a secular country?

Others will just want to point at the irrationality of the issue. It is not the matter of allowing anyone to stay in a country. Isn’t India as much the home of Muslims as Hindus or Sikhs or Buddhists? It is. Had religion been as important to the lives of people, wouldn’t the Muslims have left India at the time of partition. But they didn’t. They loved their land, if not the country (Is there a difference between the two?). They would not gamble all of this for a religion.

And they didn’t accept the bait given by Pakistan. But time and forever, they are said to have a soft heart for Pakistan. They stayed back in India because they genuinely wanted to stay in India.

Islam has come to be associated with terrorism. But have we ever tried to understand why the Mohammedans (only a small part of the community) indulge in such activities. It is because they have been traumatised. Traumatised by the west. Traumatised by people in power (Nanavati commission gave a clean chit to the Modi government. Then who committed the rioting in Gujarat?)

I also do not think that the few people who say they represent the Muslim community and are spreading terror to take revenge are right? Some people with vested interests are using the non-representation of Muslims to their advantage.

What if there was no islam? Would the world have been any peaceful? Many of us will believe that the world would be peaceful without Islam and Muslims. But this is not so? Moin Ansari, a noted scholar, says that the world would have been just as tumultous, muslims or not. Read it here.

21 thoughts on “The Indian Muslim is confused, worried and angry

  1. muslims in india dont deserve to be wht they are right now..

    a muslim isent an indian, they are muslims first..

    they dont follow national laws..they have got their own laws..

    they are a reason for overpopuilation…

    Remeber – the henious, dastardly and cowardly act of muslims in india will pave a way for Hindu Hitler who by his courage/rage/anger will wipe out every muslim and he wont spare those hindus who support muslims..he will slay them alike…

    take it in any way you want..the end is very close and its coming….Dharma will be @ peace once again…

  2. what if there was no islam? would the world have been any peaceful? many of us will believe that the world would be peaceful without islam and muslims.

    Rightly said- No doubts in my mind…the world would have been a lot peaceful..

    And you apes, why dont you look @ muslims in turkey? Havent they moved along the world and they are progressing…

    Indian muslims…they are a burden on society..

    Tell me –

    1.How do muslims treat non muslims..calling them kafirs, eh??
    2.What does that kuran say for idol worshippers..destroy them??
    3. Why are all terrorists muslims..??
    4. Dalits were denied chances for 1000 years or more..still they never killed any hindu? They never planted bombs…they did not declare a jihad on hindus.. like a Man would live..

    A man…nothing more…

  3. wouldn’t the muslims have left india at the time of partition

    They wanted to…

    but they were scared by the bravary valiant shikh brothers..those muslims feared being hacked by angry indians whose relatives were killed by muslims when they were trying to come to india…

    Even hindus indulge in terrorist activities.

    Fucking crap rotten brain..can you tell me an instance..

    infact if hindus reply the way muslims do, it wont take much time for terrorists to be wiped out clean…you want that???

  4. but have we ever tried to understand why the mohammedans indulge in such activities. they have been traumatised. traumatised by the west. traumatised by people in power (nanavati commission gave a clean chit to the modi government. then who committed the rioting in gujarat?)

    muslims have been over given things not needed..they expect that everytime something happens, they are supposed to be given a clean chit, isent it…

    The terrorists who burnt ram sevaks were fucking innocent, isent it…

    Long live Mr Modi, our blessings are with him..

  5. Muslims have been denied educatuion..

    Wow..irony is this…

    You dont teach them, they kill you..

    You teach them, they make bombs, they hack wifi, they kill people…

    Jamila Islamia university is meant exclusively for muslims, they have got their own universities, own medicl systems, and still, the schools, the madarsaas, the universities are creating more and more terrirts then ever…

  6. Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma was killed mercilesly, his children became orphans, his family lost brea dwinner, and bloody NHRC sent notices to Delhi Police asking why they killed 2 people at batla house..

    NHRC is anti hindu for muslims. and terrorists..

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  8. Mr. Modi is against Muslims. After that he will need another enemy. It will be and are already are the lower cast Hindus–the Dalits. IF all the Dalits and Muslims were all gone..he would be against the lowest caste left…the Viasas.

    Modi has shown the world the real face of India…keep it up guys…the burden of 150 million Muslims and 250 million Dalits will contineu to further Balkanize Bharat–keep it up!

  9. Brother … I am a hindu, but I would not be so blind in cursing whole muslim community for everything wrong happening around. I would truly support anything that bring brotherhood between two communities if muslims too do enough on the same line.

    There are certain things for which muslim community is absolutely not doing enough (which is very frustrating) –

    1. Contributing majorly in overpopulation in India. Most of the muslims don’t believe in family-planning .. I have hardly seen muslim families having less than 5-6 children to single parents.

    They ofcourse make their own life worst (bcoz of economic challenges), but spoil the society also. Places where muslims stay remain very dirty normally and get overcrowded mainly because of this reason. And ultimately that way .. some their children will remain illiterate and can easily be religiously brain-washed.

    2. No proper control over your own madrasas. We have seen how those can be used for brain-washing activities that lead to terrorism.

    3. In my perception there’s always an involvement of a muslims all illegal things (doing dadagiri in society, start fighting / becoming violent over some small things .. smuggling .. drugs … etc etc). I personally think that gujarat riots was a retaliation of all these wrong things happening in society from long time… and train-burning incident by muslims helped in sparking off the volcano.

    If you ever happen to come to Ahmedabad… visit Juhapura .. muslims staying there celebrate by fireworks when India loses in a match and Pakistan wins. I have a long list of these kind of areas in Ahmedabad and Mumbai.

    Well.. the bottom line is Muslims should form proper organizations at state and national level and really start driving some of these things.. otherwise the situation is going to get worst only.

    Jai Hind

  10. India is supposed to be a secular country. At least that is what the constitution says. However, there is not even one party which is secular. There may be handful of individuals who are secular. Secular means freedom to every one for worship in a manner chosen without disturbing others. This doesn’t give freedom to support or condemn any religion. This doesn’t mean treating all religions equal. This only means every one must not use religion in public life. The day when politicians and political parties understand this the problems shall be reduced to area of development only. Wiping out Muslims from India is no solution. Probably then Christen or Baudh or Sikh shall be the target the present condition would remain unchanged. There shall be unrest till there are more than 1 living being is alive. Fight among living being shall end only when a single one survives.

  11. gr8 comments from readers.

    Harshad, thanks a lot for ur opinion.

    Jana u air my opinion

    Rajiv, i agree with u that the community has some problems that it will have to address fast.

    Mr. Moin Ansari, I do not agree that india is as doomed

  12. I think muslims all over the world are facing the same. But its a shame for us, Indians, who claim to be secular and democratic when we target one particular community. Lets leave the political parties and leaders aside, as they are leaders just because WE made them so. It is for us (people of India) to understand how important it is to have mutual respect, tolerance and compassion. Thats the only way to our combined progress.

  13. @rahi: Our opinions match,well not completely but very closely.
    @harshad: wasnt there a muslim population in India back in 50’s and 60’s? Wasnt there peace and brotherhood then? What happened in between – we became pawns for a political game.Not pawns rather an “illiterate” mob of educated people who were brainwashed off -what thinking for ourselves was!

    Its all summed up in a line of dialogue by the Joker in The Dark knight-“Their(the people) morals are a bad joke! Dropped at the first sign of trouble”

    Food for thought-§ionName=TheWeek%20Statescan&programId=1073755754&contentId=4594568

  14. i have read the opinions of all of you above ..what we need to think is are we living in global society ..thi concept can be found only in islam and no whereelse ..not one religion does not promote universal brotherhood because logically how can we be the same when we have different culutures ,differenet religions etc progress and become a super power like the Americas or the English we need to follow one path in life be it in our daily life or be in religion only then we can live in peace ..the concept of modern society where one does not interfere in others life saying secularism does not have weightage …its just that we need to go abit more deeper in understanding the truth about the facts of life and lwas of anture and i believe islam defines and establishes them very clearly ..reagrding harshad’s view i totally agree ..though islam is the best religion muslim are its worst followers..for knowing more go the places like saudi arabia,indonesia,,or eve malaysia ,,you can find clean and tidy muslims can one look at the driver of a car and judge the performance of it ..however it is sad to know the truth and confront it with an opinion is even more worse.

  15. u find clean muslims in malaysia? bro, they r they worst amongst all ethnic groups in the country. muslims are the muck all over the world.

  16. Sorry Hujs, but i am not that well travelled to know of people from different countries. And i know u too haven’t travelled that much or you might have been have a bit more wiser.

    But i know one thing – i cannot generallise people on the basis of individual experiences.

    And when Ashfaq Naaz can accept that there may be some deficiencies in Muslims in India, we Hindus too must show courage and accept our own faults (except if you consider you and your tribe to be perfect)

  17. Thanks for coming to my blog Yogesh. I read ur post and wud like to differ with your solution to fight communal disharmony. I also paste my response here:

    sorry yogesh but i don’t think becoming an atheist by shunning ones religion is the solution to tackle these problems. Ones religion is the source of moral values; it gives us a feeling about what’s right and wrong. And you well know that it is not religion that causes such intolerances. It is people like us who perceive the teachings of religion in a wrong way. So weeding out religion will not necessarily mean removing intolerance from the minds of these people. they will continue to bicker over one thing or other.

    So the best thing for us common men and women to do in this scenario is openly come against these fanatics who say they represent our religion. tell them that we have no problem with a person from another religion. Tell them that we can live as happily with a person from another religion as with a same religion person.

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