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There was a quote I read and felt that it closely replicates my life (at least the one that is visible to the public). Don’t exactly remember the exact quote, but it went like this:

“He never drank. He never had sex. He never played any sport. He never loved. And when he died, the insurance companies denied him any claim. They said he never lived”

People, who know me, will agree that it surely talks about my life. But I know that the quote doesn’t exactly talk about my life in its entirety. Yes, I have been drunk. Yes, I have loved. Yes, I have lived life; although I have ensured, because of my own genuine reasons and compulsions, that people don’t know about these escapades of my private life.

Now that’s an important quality of my life that I am a master at concealment. There are many, not exactly virtues, but qualities that make me; but people don’t get to know all. Through this blog, I would try to express my real self in full, which I haven’t until now. So for answers to did I actually live my life you will have to continue reading my blog in the days to come.

To contact me, you can leave a comment here or mail me at: ujjual dot aditya at gmail dot com.

Also read some of my other posts about me herehereherehere and here. I hope you had a good reading experience on my blog. Nothing excites me more than finding a new comment on my blog. Do leave comments and I will be happy to reply back.

25 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Eight months after setting up this blog and writing this post, I feel I haven’t done justice to my readers. Because of some or other reasons, I have continued to keep them off facts that I fear will put my real life in danger. Also sometimes there’s the feeling that my readers may not appreciate of my behaviour.

  2. As I sit in my cubicle looking at the time, it’s already 10:30am. I’ve managed to waste a good 2 hours on reading your blog. I’m sure my boss wouldn’t be too pleased if he knew just how productive I was this Monday morning. =)
    I don’t know why I enjoy reading so much, to the point where I completely lose myself in it. Maybe it’s because I’ve always wished I could write and have never been able to come up with the words or form any sentences. It sometimes feels like my head is crammed with so many thoughts, so many feeling that I need to vent but have no way of doing so. Maybe writing, like singing is a talent that only some people possess. Maybe one day I’ll be brave enough and write something for myself, but until then, I’ll just make-do with reading.
    You have a great knack for writing and you don’t always have to disclose everything about yourself….talk about what you are comfortable with, not that we wouldn’t love to know more about you!
    So keep writing and maybe…I’ll expect an email back from you!! JUST MAYBE!

  3. You have a very creative mind. Immensely talented. You have to work on your grammar- punctuation, mechanics, etc.

    eg- Yes comma I have HAD sex.

  4. it is what we think our life is. we are born once, we live one life. What we do with it makes all the difference. A scientist researches with it. A robber robs with it (be it a secret or not).

  5. Hi Rahi,

    We met in delhi bloggers meet, and beleive me you were the best orator!
    Your writing style is mystical and the reader hooks on. Its easily evident that its straight from the heart.
    gud luck … and will keep visting so please write more and more!!

  6. hmm. now i wl have to write more and more on my blog bcoz i don’t want to lose u as a reader. thanks for visiting my blog. so tell me dear wt’s happening in life. keep in touch. u can mail me at adi1880 at gmail dot com.

  7. Drink – no. dint find enuf adrenaline to waste on it. yet. 😀
    sex – no. two yrs the law wud forbid me. since then, i’m reserving myself for a good one. 😉
    sport – my life. my favorite sport.
    love – is it plain love or making love or both? either way, the topic fascinates me.

    PS : the “welcome reader” post in my blog is called a sticky post. to make a post a sticky, edit “Visibility” option under “Publish” column while publishing ur post.

  8. hey u make me look like a piyakkad (druncard), sex maniac and what not. I am not that bad yaar. They were once in a blue moon incidents. that too long back.

    Okz I will try that technique the next time I publish something. But if I don’t succeed, I will once again hammer you wid questions. u see, I m really bad at technology.

  9. Rahi
    I’m sorry if u took it tht way. I was tryin to make fun of myself. u see, i make very few chances like that! 😛

    I wouldn’t mind ur queries. 🙂 if u’re a hammer, i’ll be an anvil fit enuf for u. 😛

  10. Dear Aditya,
    I downloaded java j2me, eclipse, android sdk, and adk plugin as per your blog.
    but i didnt able to create any android applications, and very fond of creating android applications.
    please help me.
    i dontknow exactly which java version and how to set the classpath.
    where i have to install these .
    thanks and regards

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