Durga Puja


It’s 5 days before Durga Puja celebrations start in India. And I can’t but reminisce the good old days. This is just a monologue, so no likes or comments required. Just revisit your own childhood days if you can.

One man gained supreme importance at this point of time. The tailor. His appointment had to be sought at least a month before. You cringed when he charged more than his usual rate, but there was little you could do.

Our tailor was called Essco Tailors. He had a small rickety shop near Shankar Talkies, Maithon More; hardly able to accommodate us all at once- papa (he was there to oversee that we didn’t try something very fashionable) and we brothers, one at a time.

Before this trip to the tailor, was another trip to the cloth shop. Until my brothers revolted, all four of us used to be dressed in the same style shirt and trousers.

Both trips usually were on the same day. So we hardly got a good look at the clothes we were getting for Durga Puja. Did I tell you this was the only pair of shirt and trouser that we would get for the entire year? I won’t blame my parents. They raised us all in the bestest way they could afford, more than that.

We waited eagerly for our new clothes to come. Almost everyday we would tell papa to bring it while coming back from office. Because of the huge backlog at the tailor’s, it was the 5th or 6th day of Durga Puja by the time it arrived.

The new clothes were not to be worn before navami, the 9th day. This is the most important day of Durga Puja.

Everyone was dressed in their best. It was a great feeling. We had tried describing our new clothes to friends. Now we could show it off.

We were ready. For the mela (fair) and pandal hopping, checking out the Durga Puja decorations at each locality. Before we became old enough to hate going out with parents.

Those days are no more. No more does Durga Puja evoke such feelings. No more does the air have a festive smell to it, starting from Augustill till November. No more do new clothes encourage such excitement as then. Newer excitements have taken place of old. But the older ones still show up sometimes.

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