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Beyonce, Coldplay angers fans over cultural appropriation

We Indians are a strange lot. We crib when people don’t talk about us. When they do, we want them to talk about us in a certain fashion.   I mean what’s wrong with this Beyonce music video or Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire. Don’t we celebrate Holi? Don’t we have sadhus? Beautiful girls bedecked in … Continue reading

Net-neutrality again

Do you know who is against Free Basics by Facebook or any other cartel floated by telecom companies?   Content creators, owners of applications, websites, games etc. If Facebook is successfull in launching its free basics program, they will lose a chance to get equal opportunity in the internet space.   I understand your stand … Continue reading

Net Neutrality in India

What is this net neutrality debate and why is it so important?   To answer this, lets look at it from the point of view of the two parties that will face the greatest impact:   People or consumers: If Facebook/Reliance/Airtel is successfull in their plan, it will bring access to free or lower priced … Continue reading

Jawaharlal Nehru vs. Subhash Chandra Bose

“The outcast of one age is the hero of another” Edward Carpenter

Nirbhaya Rape Case vs. Anonymous Juvenile

You thought this is gruesome. How can such a practice exist in the present civilized world? Consider this now. Something like this is happening in India right now. Not in some far flung village. But in an India that we live. Cities, towns, news channels, on social media. The man being stoned is the anonymous … Continue reading

World’s problems have deeper inter-connected roots!

Sometimes I feel that more than 90% of the world’s problems can be solved in just two steps. First, understand the root cause of a problem; how did it start? There must have been something that must have caused it. Whether it’s bigger problems like terrorism or smaller problems that smaller beings like you or … Continue reading


My lunch today is very inter-racial. The cuisine as such is Maithili, from the land of Sita. Its called dahi-chura or curd and poha. The chura/poha is from South India. The curd is from Dubai. The jaggery is from Kolhapur. The banana is from Philippines. The mango is from Pakistan. That’s called globalization! * This … Continue reading

Beef Ban

Since beef is the flavour of the season, here’s my take on it. Raised as a Hindu, beef has been a strict no-no. However, it was easy to maintain safe distance from the dreaded meat until I was in India. Slaughter houses are normally different for chicken-mutton and bara (as beef is referred to in … Continue reading

Durga Puja

It’s 5 days before Durga Puja celebrations start in India. And I can’t but reminisce the good old days. This is just a monologue, so no likes or comments required. Just revisit your own childhood days if you can. One man gained supreme importance at this point of time. The tailor. His appointment had to … Continue reading

It’s cool to not follow religion and culture

Fasting for some of my Hindu friends during Ramadan is a detox. They would like to try it. Halloween for them is cool; although it has come to be associated with such weird things as actual Christian scriptures would have never imagined. But fasting for a Hindu festival is not cool. I heard the weirdest … Continue reading


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