Difference between Indian Railways and Delhi Metro

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A cleaner and better managed railway station for New Delhi will have to wait for a little long.

A Live Mint report says:

“…plans for the first station to be handed over to private developers (22 more stations will be privatised) remain mired in procedural delays. (The postponement of the project) stems from concern that commercial development work would impede traffic management in the heart of the city”

Don’t know if the reason is actually traffic concerns or just because government doesn’t want to relax control over public property.

In a similar context, I would like to point out the difference one can see between the New Delhi Railway Station (Government managed) and the New Delhi Metro Station (Privately managed).

Both stations are just metres apart. But the ambience of each is wide apart.

While the New Delhi Rail Station presents you with unclean platforms, stinking toilets with yellow floors, unmanageable crowds, people sleeping over the platform, plastic packets thrown all over, faeces on  railway track, walls coloured red with gutkha spitting men and of course noise of people fighting with each other, hawkers selling cheap articles, babies crying and more.

Come to the New Delhi Metro Station now. You can spot a few beggars and some people waiting on the marbled stairs. But not further than this.

Spotless floors, well defined directions, ever smiling attendants, security check (although I will not warrant this as fool proof), a somewhat disciplined crowd, everything properly managed as soon as you enter the Metro Station. No one dares to spit here or ease at the call of nature. In fact no one wants to soil the beautiful Metro. Besides there are also big message-boards shouting punishment for those who litter here.

The difference between the two stations always forces me to think why is not the government not giving private firms a chance to manage these properties. Private organisations can do a much better job. Of course, the government will have certain controls on the way the private firms are servicing the public. I hope you will all agree with me.

Delhi Metro has now made the lives of many commuters easier (some would say that it has become harder because of the blue-line like conditions in the metro):

Delhi To Noida 

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