Dear Pussy Cat – where have you been

it was a just another sunday morning. completing my cup of tea, i had switched on the TV when Abhijeet, my elder brother, came with a good news. or was it a bad news – as time revealed.

a she-cat chose an isolated corner of our roof to give birth to her children. i rushed after him to the spot 5 cuddly kittens, one upon the other. since the mother was missing, we could safely watch them from a distance; animals don’t claim babies touched by humans. also, having had many bitter experiences at pets in the past, i didn’t want to have a pet now, especially when there were just two office going people at home.

so except for some oohs-aahs at the kittens, there was not much of a reaction. came down to surf more channels on the TV and prepare for a hectic sunday ahead. Continue reading