TV blacked out

Never in history (and excuse me if I have exaggerated it a bit because of my ignorance of history) has a strike affected so many people at one go than the recent strike on Television.

Federation of Western India Cine Employees (FWICE) called a strike to demand higher wages, better work conditions, and more breaks between shoots.

For more than a month, people have been deprived of their favourite shows, and there is no solution in sight as of now, except that FWICE pacified the industry workers to resume work for four days till a solution is arrived at between the two parties.

So what does this mean for the general public:

  1. Most channels would have a similar footer expressing sorrow for not bringing people their fave shows.
  2. You would have to make do with re-runs of serials. So if you didn’t miss any, you are unlucky.
  3. Also you would get to see some new movies on weekends (the channel owners have to keep the audience stuck)

Okays enough of the public. How does this strike affect me and people close to me?

  1. Since most channels are showing re-runs of serials, I get to see a lot of movies these days. Otherwise, it were the ladies who dominated TV.
  2. In dinner, I am served hot chapatis. Also there are deserts almost everyday on the menu. Otherwise, bhabhi would complete all the chores in haste so as not to miss her daily soaps.
  3. Brother and I can see TV alone. The ladies hardly have an appetite for movies, that too french and dutch (UTV World Movies has a good store of such movies).

Bad for some, good for some.