A shoulder to cry

don’t know how i get to shoulder people who are fixated with grieving. and grieving for no reason and not looking for any rational solution as well. don’t remember anyone from my schooldays, but there was this person from my pune days. he was from my class and though not a roommate, he somehow sensed that i am all ears to his boring talks. and from then on there was just me and this boring he.

at my first organisation, i befriended this another ‘ronu’ (one who always has reasons to cry about). ronus come in varied shapes. you can seldom recognise them from the guy outside. the first encounter was during leisure hours and i found him interesting. he came out as witty, blurting out A+ non-veg jokes. but once in my company (at times i blame myself for making the environment gloomy) he opened up. from the immediate boss, company, salary, his counterpart, his cubicle, he had multiple topics to weep about.

changing organisation didn’t help. in my new organisation, i got this ‘ronu’ from south india; see they are a widespread phenomenon. i once posted about him in this blog. before the appraisal, he complained about how his sinus problem is causing him problems in speaking (i have always attributed this to low confidence and lack of creativity- sinusitis affects when you talk, not what you talk).

after the appraisal, he wasn’t ready to put the blame for the poor appraisal on boss. only after he sat again for appraisal that he could make up his mind. and worse, the complainings have increased.

today he has been shifted to another room. good that i don’t get to hear him at all times. but he would always skype me for going downstairs to this chai-dhaba. and after many nos i finally give in – even he has no one at office to whom he can confide.

so the shoulderings continue.