The day didn’t start smoothly today.

The day didn’t start smoothly today. The water tank had already ended last night and to my horror there was not a drop of water even after putting on the motor in the morning. Had to be a little stingy with using water only to find free flowing water after some time.

Then had difficulty in getting rickshaw. Only when I reached half the distance walking with the heavy laptop bag that I got a rickshaw who charged me the same Rs. 5 from there too. I feared if I would reach the bus stop on time. The new bus I take to office is very particular with time. But since my day was to go badly, the bus went off without even stopping to take in the passengers.

So I was stranded at this bus stop. Now what to do. Go to ISBT and take a bus from there. That would mean another 1 hour spent. It was already 9 and I had to be fast. So I took a bus going through the ring road, hoping to catch some direct bus. But this bus was going only up to Raj Ghat. I hoped it to take me up to IP Depot. Okays whatever, will change bus from Raj Ghat. Many buses to Noida ply from there. But things didn’t turn as rosy even when I reached there. A person who tried to help me with directions in turned added to my harassments. I had to walk all the way to this place only to see that there is no bus even after 15 minutes of waiting.

Now that it was already 10 minutes above 9.30 (reporting time at office) I started getting frantic. Gave a call to Sanjay since I couldn’t find the HR’s number. From there I again spent another Rs. 3 to reach to the main road. Started looking for auto-rickshaws as an option, but unfortunately none was stopping. Those who stopped weren’t ready to go to Noida. It was going to be 10 now and I could feel boss coming before me to ask why I was late. Prayed to lord that boss goes off for a meeting.

Got an auto-rickshaw only from IP Depot. had to shell out 70 bucks for the journey. The drivers were talking as if coming to Noida was a great risk and that’s why the higher fare.

“Majboori ka nam Mahatma Gandhi”. Okays take me to office fast, whatever is the price. We reached office in half an hour. It was going to be 10.45. personal vehicles take far less time than these bus wallahs.

Said my hellos to all. The HR lady was particularly aggrieved at not calling her directly. “You must have called me or boss”. Called boss to inform I will be late- arrgh.

Got off to my work immediately. Will check the mails later in the day. Thankfully boss too didn’t come and ask publicly the reason for the delay.

Later I checked my mails. No special mails there. Also chatted with Anuj. While going through Alootechie, I came across a very good blog, the blogger of which has been commissioned by some publishing house to write a biography kind of novel.

The day was particularly expensive. Believe me I spent 100 bucks for a journey that would in normal days cost just Rs. 10. Also had to treat colleagues for some bread pakoras.

Thankfully in the evening there was some good news awaiting. My railway ticket was confirmed. Still there are no arrangements made for the return back to Delhi.