South Indian Muslims are more attracted towards ISIS!!!


News headlines or excerpts create more  trouble. In a bid to make them attractive enough to be clicked, sometimes we write things completely different.

Check this out.  Now check the screengrab from the Facebook post from Times of India.

What made me click on the story was the statement that South Indian Muslims are more attracted towards ISIS. Read the full news and you will find that the minister has categorically rejected the fact.

What FB pages like Times of India have to understand is that this is a cheap tactics to make people click on the news item. What if a person just saw the news on his news feed and didn’t click on it to read more. Many people in India have a social data package that allows them to access FB and Twitter but not browse websites.

What makes this worse is the fact that it’s people like these who are fighting it out as bhakts and liberals, with half cooked knowledge.

So better be careful from next time.

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