Muslim family asked to leave theatre because they didn’t stand for National Anthem!

Since when has standing for national anthems at theatres become mandatory. Of the times that I have gone to the theatre, I have seen so many people not stand for the national anthem. Didn’t know all of them were Muslims.

And I don’t know where have the best practices of journalism vanished. A few years ago, this same news would have been presented as – a family was asked to leave because they didn’t stand for national anthem. Such reporting will actually sensationalize the issue and cause riots.

What’s more I don’t understand the point in playing the national anthem in theatres. This I believe would be a custom that has just got continued because no one wanted to question it. If it is so required why do we not play it before every movie that starts on zee cinema or star movies.

I go to the theatre to relax and watch the movie. Just when I have removed my slippers and am enjoying the air conditioner, you play the National anthem and want me to find my slippers in the dark.

PS. I know the National anthem is sacred to us, just like our gods. In case of my gods and goddesses, I will keep them at a place where I don’t touch them when unclean. So let’s not play the National anthem at such places. That’s how we will steer clear of such controversies.

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