The Infamous Role of the Media in Arushi Murder Case

I also write for Indimag. Read this article that appeared there:

After every high profile case is solved, the media engages in a intra-industry introspection session on their role in the case. Media houses run amok to take credits for the firsts. “Blame-storming” is the name of the game !

With the Arushi murder case allegedly solved, the media is engaging in a similar exercise.This time a debate is ripe on how the media botched up the case.Even before evidence could have been presented in the courts, the media was already out with the verdict ; not once, but quite a few times.However, since handing out justice is not the core competency of the media — fortunately, they obviously erred. Of course, they were assisted by the faulty evidence gathering of the Noida police (the police are too thick-skinned to accept their fault).

The culprits (as discovered by the media) were many. First was Hemraj, the domestic help (who was later found to be one of the dead). Next was Dr. Rajesh Talwar (the father of Arushi). Stories about Dr. Talwar’s illicit relationship with a colleague and neighbour floated around adding to media’s masala. Arushi too was linked with Hemraj. There was a slew of servants and employees who continued to fall into the net. Targeting innocent people continued like a detective serial on the tube making for eye-catching headlines until the compounder Krishna, finally admitted to having killed Arushi, avenging his mistreatment by Dr. Talwar.

Sensational media houses like NDTV are now blaming the sleazy news channels for the chaos !

Media sure cannot miss the blame. For quite some time, Arushi became a TRP fetching machinery. Media shamelessly resorted to seeking out a commercial advantage from a slain girl – what else can the act of media be called ?

Now, Dr. Talwar has been given a clean chit in the case. Was the media hiding face? No, instead, it was out there at Dasna Jail, following his every step. What a shameless pack of journalists we have. Will the media learn their lessons from the Arushi case? I don’t think so. With the Arushi case coming to an end, they are already on the lookout for new cases that they can botch next while increasing their TRP…