It’s cool to not follow religion and culture

Fasting for some of my Hindu friends during Ramadan is a detox. They would like to try it.

Halloween for them is cool; although it has come to be associated with such weird things as actual Christian scriptures would have never imagined.

But fasting for a Hindu festival is not cool. I heard the weirdest of all reasons against Karwachauth fasting yesterday. That it is demeaning for women to fast for a man. ‪#‎feministspeaks‬

Why weird? First, there have been no known cases of anyone dying because of a day’s fast. Second, how does it demean a woman if she fasts for her husband’s long life. Are they afraid to spend a longer married life with the same husband? Or is it to avenge the Hindu scriptures on why they didn’t have equal responsibilities for the men to fast for their women. Present day men do that anyways. Following Bollywood and some their hearts, men nowadays fast with women folk.

BTW I can comment as Karwachauth is not celebrated in our state.

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