Dreams and Realities

Long ago when I was still a kid, but old enough to know peeing on bed can land you in trouble, I would soil the bed at times. And when Ma discovered the wet bed the next morning, she would scold me saying, Aditya how can you still wet the bed. I know that, I would say defending my honor, but that old lady asked me to.

Those would be cold wintry nights. As I was in a dilemma whether to attend to the nature’s call, an old lady would come and relieve me, both of the dilemma and the water logging. She would unzip my shorts and ask me to pee.

But this was amusing! I had peed in the washroom. How did it wet my bed?

Time shifts to now.

It was a cold wintry night again yesterday. I again felt the need to pee. I first thought of keeping it under control until the morning. Then when pressed for immediate redressal, I checked my mobile phone for the time. It was five minutes past three- can I hold for another five hours?

No, I felt. I removed the blanket and sat up. Through the dark, my legs finally found the correct combination of slippers.

But as I stood up, I could hardly stand. Somehow I reached the hall, but just when I was about to reach for the washroom door, I suddenly found my legs taking me towards the kitchen on the other side of the hall. I didn’t stand still near the kitchen though; my legs again took me towards the washroom. And once again towards the kitchen. I was going round and round the hall. In desperation, I shouted aloud for my brother. But not a word was coming out.

And then my eyes opened suddenly. Oh God! I had been dreaming all along. I checked my mobile phone for time – it was five minutes past three.

*Based on true events


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