Nostalgic smells of Deepawali

We bought a gun for my nephew this Deepawali. In our times this gun used to be made of tin. Small rolls of a bindi shaped cracker served as the bullets. You just needed to pull the trigger and dhoom.

I was loving the smell. It brought back memories of times when we used to be so excited about firing these and many other kinds of crackers. Papa was strict about bringing the crackers only on the afternoon of diwali. We waited all day for the crackers and Ganesh-Lakshmi idols. We used to show off the idols between friends.

Another smell that takes me back to those good times is the smell of paint and lime. Distemper was unheard of in those times or was too inaccesible for us. So it was limestone wash that was given to the walls a few days before deepawali. After that it was time for painting the doors and windows. While residents were allowed to mix different colours for their walls, the doors and windows were a necessary blue for all, be it a peon’s quarter or the general manager sahab’s bunglow.

What makes you nostalgic about the Deepawali of your own childhood days?


One thought on “Nostalgic smells of Deepawali

  1. It has to be the diyas. I have always had this rule. Papa would ‘install’ the candles and the diyas and I would go about lighting them. I especially loved doing that in the darkest corner of the roof. One flame and the place would be all bright.

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