To kill or not to kill (a mosquito)

(At least three mosquitoes have been killed in the process of writing this post)

My relationship with God is very much like my relationship with neighbours – I don’t deny their presence; my hands automatically move for the incense stick after bath, like they join to say namaste whenever I cross paths with my neighbours; I celebrate the various Hindu festivals just the same way as I attend their functions – but I remember both, god and neighbours, only when in need.

I was preparing to sleep. Things to do the next day kept coming despite me trying hard to let sleep take over.

The train of thoughts was finally slowing down when I felt a mosquito settling on my forehead. I slowly raised my hand, not to let it feel the movement, so that I can catch it unawares, crush it to death, as a revenge for disturbing my sleep.

I was almost about to finally come crushing on the mosquito when the train of thoughts resumed.

Would it be good to kill the thing? Wouldn’t god be angry for having killed a living organism, one of His creations? What if his anger also spills over to the big thing I am planning to do tomorrow?

I remember that as kids we used to deliberate a lot on paap (sin) and punya (goodness). More often it was about paap. It was our parents’ way to instill fear of bad.

You have hurt that dog’s puppy. Tumhe paap lagega.

While the results of paap were not explained in detail to us Hindu kids, the Muslim kids were told that the sinners would have to burn in fire and hot oil on the day of the Quyamat.

But I have long grown up from those times. Why am I deliberating on those things now? Just as a lawyer who uses loopholes in the law, I too have used religion in the way it suited me – on colder days if bathing was necessary because of a Hindu ritual, I have skipped saying that a Brahmin never gets dirty.

So why today? May be its because I want god’s blessings for the important thing I am planning to do.

What wrong is it when we kill an insect that bears diseases? So many people die of Malaria and Dengue every year.

I had taken a lot of time making up my mind. The mosquito had long left. So had my sleep. Unable to sleep I decided to blog about it while killing at least three mosquitoes in the process.


6 thoughts on “To kill or not to kill (a mosquito)

  1. N.B.:
    The following lines in this post holds a secret:-
    “I had taken a lot of time making up my mind. The mosquito had long left. So had my sleep.”

    What is the need to make that extra effort to KILL when time takes care of everything?

    • Yes, I understand and can relate to your peaceable approach. It’s the mosquito that has managed to supersede my patience and compassion for all things living. I was vegan for over a decade, I have my practice in… they just bug me so. Ah, you’re better than I. (;

      • If it seems from my post that I am so chicken hearted not to grab a plate of delicious chicken tikka, lemme tell you I am not. That night the mosquito was to live some more time. But who knows it got killed once my mind was made. I counted at least three murders that night. The mosquito that inspired the post might have been one. All of them look the same. Also it was too dark to spot any difference, if any.

    • Your answer seem to be inspired by the Final Destination series where some actors die one after another even though they are able to come out safe in the first instance.

  2. Haha… I used to think at a time that a mosquito is one creature that has absolutely no role in the ecosystem. But then, it feeds lizards. And frogs?
    I detest mosquitoes. And they, on their part, seem to have a special affinity for my blood.

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