Is it necessary for brand and domain names to be meaningful?

In my last organization I got the chance to meet Jay. Within the first few days of our interaction, I learnt that this guy is a storehouse of entrepreneurial ideas. Almost every day he had an idea; somedays even two. And the first thing he used to do was go to Godaddy and try to register a domain name, which was always a big challenge for two reasons. Firstly we couldn’t think of a good name. If we did it was already taken.

The name thinking often used to be the most difficult part. From SEO point of view, it was necessary that it had all the important keywords. But that made the name too simple and thus quite predictable.

If it’s so necessary for domain names to have the keywords, why did Google not follow the rule while naming itself or its other products. Why did Facebook or say Hulu have a name that didn’t tell what they aimed to do.

So that’s where my question comes up – is it necessary for brand names to be meaningful?

By the way if you have money, which Jay and I didn’t want to spend, you can take help of a site called where you can request contributors to suggest a name for a commission to be paid to them.

Coming back to Jay again, we used to joke that he should be rewarded for buying the most unused domain names.


One thought on “Is it necessary for brand and domain names to be meaningful?

  1. Hmm. An interesting tangent of thought there. We do have lots of nonsensical names doing good business, which brings us back to good old Shakespeare. Personally I think I would go for a name that does hold some relevant meaning (for someone at the very least) if I have to pick one. 😀

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