Fine conditions on online deals – Effective or not?

How many times have you clicked on a banner only to find the actual content is not as interesting as the banner. Sometimes it is a complete farce (like an article I wrote about that advertised a pack of three t- shirts for rs. 150  but the final consignment cost rs. 300 because they added shipping and cash on delivery charge for each of the t-shirts individually). Sometimes its more of a fine conditions trick that they play.

I recently came across an example of the latter at Snapdeal, a popular deals site. I was welcomed by their daily mailer proudly stating the deal of the day – a voucher from Flying Machine worth rs. 3000 for just rs.150. That sounded too good to be true. Then I thought that may be Flying Machine has finally reallized that the brand kept apart, the cloth is not worth more than rs.150.

It turned out that Flying Machine really had no intentions of getting generous; it was just another fine conditions trick that they had played. For rs.150 you got a voucher worth rs.3000 but you could only use it after you purchased for another rs.3000.

Disappointed I closed the website instantly. And there in lies my point. I may be attracted (read duped) to click on a link or banner, BUT once I know of what lies within, I would move out. This is unlike physical stores, from which this concept of attractive banners seem to have been borrowed. Attracted by the banner I step into the store. But even when I learn that the offer comes with fine conditions, I do check out the other offers or products, basically for two reasons. First the store attendant doesn’t let me leave so easily. He starts showing me a host of other products and offers. Second my attention too deviates to the other products that the store owner has so painfully stacked. Unfortunately the same formula may not work for for the web stores as well.

What do you think about this?


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