Wrong number

What happens if you call someone after a long long time. Chances are that he or she will be taken for a shock. You might have to deal with difficult questions like why you didn’t call for so long etc. That’s provided you are able to get connected to the person you wanted to call at the first instance.

Changing phone numbers is so very common these days. Gone are the landline days or even days when a sim used to cost a fortune. Now a sim comes for as low as Re.25 and I have known some people (particularly plumbers, electricians etc) who change number in a fortnight.

So my acquaintance, even though not from the occupations mentioned above, happened to change her number.

My call was taken by a girl. Even before I could have explained who I was, there seemed to be a struggle at the other side to take the phone. The girl that I just talked to seemed to have lost in the struggle because an older lady started to talk.

(In a heavy bihari accent) aap batayiye to kiske ghar se bol rahe hain.

Ghar se! Ham Aditya bol rahe hain dilli se!

Dilli se? Accha aap Pathakwa ke yahan se nahi bol rahe hain?

Pathak! Nahi nahi ham dilli se bol rahe hai. Anita se bat karna tha. Wo hai kya?

Yahan koi Anita nahi rehti hai. Wrong number.

She cut the call and I heaved a sigh of relief.

Looked like I had just been mistaken for a Pathak who had something going on with the girl who took the call.


4 thoughts on “Wrong number

    • Fortunately I am not a Pathak. Or else it would have surely worked wonders.
      By the way I liked it when that women said “aap pathawa ke yahan se bol rahe hain kya”, especially the “pathawa”

      • When you are away from your state and people for long and get to hear the local dialect only sometimes, even a line uttered in anger sounds good. That’s why the “pathakwa” sounded sweet.
        The daughter…hmm…all she could say was hello before it was snatched by her mother.

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