Now this blog is completely ItyaAdi

Today 19th Dec, after nearly 2 years of a free existence, my BLOG finally has a place of its own. I have booked a domain name for my blog. Now it will be known as (you can still type the old blog address ( and WordPress would automatically redirect you to this new blog address). I wanted, but someone had already parked it.

One good thing-my blog has also freed itself of the name Chronicleofmylife. Although I had chosen this as my blog’s name in the beginning, I wanted to get over it.

After months of debating whether or not to go for a self hosted blog, I have finally done it. Thanks to Manoj for encouraging me.

At one point I thought I can’t make through the technical jargons thrown during the upgradation process. But I found this really helpful article on WordPress Support. For your reference: Article

Now let me quickly see what more can I do on my blog. And you can share here your own experiences of upgrading for the first time. If there’s something that you think I would have missed or should double check, please write below as comments.

6 thoughts on “Now this blog is completely ItyaAdi

    • Thanks Deboshree. Have a lot of research to do now on what more can I do with the paid blog. There are too many things that I still have to understand like how to logon to my wordpress server, how to upload plugins etc. The next few days will be devoted to this research.

    • Yeah some change for the new year to come.

      However I am not satisfied. Technically ignorant that I am , I wasn’t aware that I was just getting a domain name; I still have to pay for the hosting space.

      I have requested wordpress to put me back to my original state. However I am still to hear from them.

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