Mind games

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Start thinking of an object and fate will ensure that you never come close to that thing. Stop thinking about it and fate ensure that the last thought object has greater probability of appearance. Saint Murphy was wise to notice this phenomena and proposed a number of laws around it known as Murphys law. So everytime you miss that object, you know it is the Murphys law working again.

But knowledge doesn’t mean you can escape its vagaries. You decide to trick your mind into thinking about a different object. You tell your mind you are not looking for the last object, in fact you will be the last person to take up the object if it ever came close to you. But that doesn’t help. Your mind knows you still have that object at the back of your mind.

And it quickly reveals how childish your trick is. It gives you a glimpse of another object that looks very similar to the object that you are dying to see. Your eyes shine with hope only to be crushed at the hands of mind. Games that minds play.

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