Kids will be kids

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I bought my nephew a new toy. A racing car that cost me a cool 500 bucks. Hoping that he would like it, I gave it to him this morning as soon as he woke up.

He took it in his hands. Checked how the wheels moved. Then threw it with a bang.

I was not to take a loss so easily. I showed him how good the toy looked as it moved. Finally managed to get his attention. Then asked him to try it himself.

With much coaxing from his mother, he finally came towards me. Then without stopping, moved towards the television. From the table cloth, there was a small thread that was hanging out. He caught hold of its end and pulled it out. Then started to bounce it and the curves it made especially impressed him.

I was getting late for office and decided not to push the toy any further. Kids will be kids. Foolish yet so simple. Give them the key to a treasure and what they like is the key.


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