Tibetans outside Tibet – Home in Delhi

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At a time when many Indian cities are debating on the local vs. outsiders issue, Delhi continues to play host to people from all over the country and even outside India; so much so that people feel they are no more outside of their native lands. So while Bengalis have a Chittranjan Park, Biharis constitute a major part of the population here.  There are Punjabis and Hariyanvis too and have a major clout, thanks to being the early movers and proximity respectively. A large number of South Indians too have made home in Delhi.

In the north of Delhi, just besides the Yamuna, Tibetans too have found a home to escape the Chinese aggression. The Indian Government offered refuge to Tibetans in Delhi at a place commonly known as Majnu Ka Tila (Has hardly anything to do with the legendry lover Majnu. Legend has it that Guru Nanak stayed with a commoner known as Majnu; and a Gurudwara has been erected to mark this meeting).

While these Tibetans have escaped the agreession, they haven’t forgotten that many of their brothers and sisters are still fighting the Chinese. Through peaceful marches or candle light vigils or word of mouth, they have continued to bring awareness about their movement…A Free Tibet.

I had a chance to click some pictures.


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