WordPress Time Zone has no mention of New Delhi and Mumbai

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As  I was checking my blog dashboard, I came across this WordPress announcement that I can now choose my blog’s timezone on the basis of the city I am living in. So if I am based in New Delhi, I can fix my timezone at New Delhi, rather than choosing the +5.30 hours that we generally do. Although this feature aims to account for Daylight Saving Time, a small advantage also is for those who don’t know how many hours before or after they are from GMT.

But moving up and down the cities listed in timezone for Asia, I wasn’t able to find New Delhi. Okays let’s check for Delhi, maybe they have listed it that ways. No success at that too.

Mumbai the financial capital of India too was not available in the list. Neither was Bombay.

Finally I found a Kolkata at K in the Asia list, closer to Karachi. But there was also a Calcutta in C. Didn’t WordPress do their homework that Calcutta and Kolkata are names of same cities?

One reason for this may be that India has a single timezone and instead of writing all of the cities they just listed one. Still I do hope that the developers would have given an explanation for the same.

I do hope WordPress developers take into consideration these points to make the platform more user friendly.

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3 thoughts on “WordPress Time Zone has no mention of New Delhi and Mumbai

    • @santosh it’s not about being fussy man. It’s about promising a feature and then falling short of providing it. As per the wordpress article there should have been a mention of my city but it was not. If a single timezone meant only one city being listed, I was better off with the old settings where I chose +5.30 as the IST.

  1. Thanks. I searched for Delhi, Mumbai, New Delhi and Chennai but didn’t see Kolkata and almost gave up. Its not just about being particular for my city name, my site actually has an event calendar that derives the location and time from the Timezone field and I cannot choose the +5:30 TimeZone because of that. It needs to be a proper city name. Sad that it doesn’t mention the capital of the country.

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