Celebrated Earth Hour

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Unlike last time when I missed the combined effort to switch off all lights, advertising on the web and outdoors ensured that I don’t forget the Earth Hour this year. Earth Hour is an initiative of WWF to stop the spread of Global Warming.

So today we celebrated the Earth Hour at home. But instead of the 8.30 to 9.30 schedule, we switched off lights and all other electrical appliances from 8 to 9 pm.

Actually my nephew, who is all of 1 year, goes off to sleep at 9, which can’t be messed since he will think that it is still day and will keep playing. Kids really are weird.

So we braved the mosquitoes on our terrace and had a good time.

I had also called my parents and sent messages to other friends and family. A day earlier I fanned a Facebook page on Earth Hour and suggested to all my friends.

But not everyone was so easy to accept the suggestion. My brother for instance.” I will just switch on the TV”, he said. There was the IPL. I said no. But as soon as the clock ticked 9, he said if he could see TV now. OK I said. At least he had agreed to sacrifice IPL for 1 hour.

Then there was my maid. We had told her about this light switching off business. She informed a few of her neighbours that the lights will be cut by the electricity board.

Although that was not true, I only hope if the government and electricity boards had cut electricity at those times, if only in residential areas.

By the way looking forward to know how you people celebrated the Earth Hour. Do comment.

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