Eating out@Google

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Clicking this pic in the men’s loo was one of the many things I did at Google.

And the many things somehow always ended at Google’s pantry.

Over the two days that we visited Google I ensured that I didn’t miss on any of the dishes. It seemed as if a marriage buffet was laid out with chicken, tandoori, desserts and many more dishes to choose from.

There was a 2 day session at Google’s premises where the instructor trained us in Google adwords.

The pic above is Google’s in-house initiative to save trees. The message: Use hand dryer instead of paper tissues.

“Wipe your hands. Don’t wipe trees. Use hand dryer.”

But a better and more effective solution would have been handkerchiefs. God knows when carrying a kerchief suddenly became out of fashion.

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2 thoughts on “Eating out@Google

    • true. I enjoyed the 2 days that we went over there, although I would have appreciated if Google had given a parting gift, as it did earlier. but thanks to the recession, they didn’t

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