Indiblogger’s all new Mystats

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I love mails from Indiblogger that announce our Indirank. The rank is there in the subject line (Your new rank is 76) – but you will miss a lot if you don’t open the mail.

Because Indiblogger now gives you a complete analysis of your blog. Just take a look here. Agreed you could have the data from so many websites, but why complain if Indiblogger does it without me asking for the data and while disclosing the good news about your blog’s Indirank.

Only if they do this as a regular feature. Here’s a snapshot of the analysis that they have done for my blog.

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2 thoughts on “Indiblogger’s all new Mystats

  1. My blog has been consistently having the same rank though my alexa has improved consistently. Not sure if we should really believe in these rankings as long as we have a good content and quality readers 🙂

    Btw.. first time here.. you have a nice blog )

    • Hey thanks to drop by my blog. and many thanks to like my post on Indivine.

      I agree with u about the metrics. As long as quality readers (who actually want to debate on the topics you talk about and add to the discussion) don’t turn to your blog, there’s little use of good rankings.

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