3 Idiots failed to please me

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Finally watched 3 Idiots yesterday. Almost everyone was talking about the movie except me. But call it bad timing or what, I watched it the same evening when Chetan Bhagat decided to come out with his statement that the movie was based on his story Five Point Someone (Wasn’t it? I had read somewhere that a movie adaptation of the book was due to come and was eagerly waiting for 3 Idiots.). Ever since I was just drawing parallels between the two. My judgement – I would better re-read the book.

Amir Khan and group would try hard at convincing people that they have an all new story (that took them 3 years to complete), but the film is at best an adaptation of Chetan Bhagat’s novel, but a bad adaptation for sure.

The movie was just too filmy unlike the book, not even matching the standards of Dil Chahta Hai – story of three college friends who meet after a long time. Amir would have actually wanted to remake Dil Chahta Hai but needed a new story, so that’s how Five Point Someone would have come up.

But it was not acceptable to not give visible credits to the author. Anyone who has read the book will easily know that the basic skeleton was Chetan’s; don’t talk of the twists and turns  to the movie, which I think just added to the filmy factor.

I am no movie critic…and definitely not a good one at that (that’s why so less posts on movies). Overall the movie is okay but definitely not as good as the hype being created around it.

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3 thoughts on “3 Idiots failed to please me

  1. Well I’m really not sure what Bhagat was complaining about. I saw the movie 3 days before the whole brouhaha began, and saw the book name in the end credits.

    I’ve also read the book and the film makers are correct that it is only loosely inspired by the book. Don’t you think so too?

    • I too have read the book and I think the film is not just loosely inspired by the book. the film has many instances taken from the book. of course there are some changes but in case of adaptation too, Chetan Bhagat deserves to be mentioned in the opening credits (Who waits to check the end credits). Tell me how you found the movie? Was it as interesting as the book?

  2. Completely agree …Even i feel that the movie is not at all worth the hype created. No doubt it is entertaining and i laughed out my tears in the chamatkar balatkar scene but still it failed to create the nostalgic atmos of college days which i hoped it would have.

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