My blog won at the Tadka Maar Ke Contest

One of my posts (Operation Eunuch and the Murphy’s Law at Work) was a winner at the Tadka Maar Ke contest, a blogging competition organised by . Although the prize is modest (Rs. 500/- worth gift voucher), I love that it may be for buying books, since it is from Flipkart. Also I have seldom won prizes, so this one is special.

The results of the Tadka Maar Ke contest are available here:

Of the five entries that won, I will recommend  reading tHe DoWrY tHaT wEnT aWrY. I came across it around a few months back when monitoring mentions for HDFC. The HDFC here turned out to be “Hetal Dhiren Fabulous Couple” instead of the home loan lender. Also I loved reading The Bribe.


11 thoughts on “My blog won at the Tadka Maar Ke Contest

  1. That is on way to look at it…did i mention that a few of the daring,,,,, daring kids kept 5 rupees in their pockets to give it to the old man and then ask him to spare their life ?

  2. Yes, you are very much on time. And thanks a ton.
    Hey I like your blog, particularly your blog’s layout. Unfortunately I cannot do much with the blog regarding layouts.

  3. “Collecting money from people”

    Well that thought never really occurred to us…We were in a hostel and money never really meant much to us.

    I am sick of the theme on my blog . .. I am thinking of moving to K2…. that seems a bit better, but do not have enough time to customize it. …The current lay out is too jazzy,,,,and kind of hurts the eye.

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