Aloo Gobhi Ki Subji – Ma Ke Hath Ka Khana

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It has been a month since I posted something on my blog and I still don’t know what to write. No, nothing very serious. I know this from my experience with blogging for the last two years. It happens at times and then things start getting into place.

But I will write something today. Indiblogger decided to lower my rank, and I decided it was high time to get back to writing. Old memories come the easiest to me, so memories be it.

Now that winters have finally descended upon Delhi (despite the warmth warned by Global Warming experts), lemme tell you what I remember most about winters, in fact this is about food.

Before Gobhi (Cauliflower) began to be sold all through the year, we had to wait until the winters to relish this vegetable. I know everyone loves ma ke hath ka khana but my mother’s aloo gobhi ki sabji was really very tasty.

There is no particular recipe that I am going to share here. The ingredients too varied except for the aloo and gobhi. As tomatoes, peas and coriander leaves became cheaper, they too added in their small little ways, only to make the curry tastier.

As we were bent over our books minus interests, we waited for the 8:30 PM call for food. The aroma had already won us and father appeared as the monster wall between us and the tasty treat.

And then Ma called us. Father kept on cribbing about spoilt kids, but we had already assembled  near the chulha. At Dhanbad, coal was available in plenty; the chulha or coal stove was used for preparing food as well as to keep the house warm. On a cold wintry night, this was the best place to be. The first one to reach got the closest place near the chulha. Of course, this was not as simple as that. I remember fighting it out with my brother once for holding on to a place near the stove.

With the garma garam subji, there were siki hui rotiyan. The already prepared chapatis were put on open fire for a second and it was ready to eat.

Many winters have passed and I am miles away from Ma, the fiery hot chulha that spread warmth all over our home, the tasty Aloo Gobhi ki Subji, those small fights, but little did I know that the taste will continue to haunt me until now.

Here’s another post dedicated to my Ma:

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2 thoughts on “Aloo Gobhi Ki Subji – Ma Ke Hath Ka Khana

  1. Yeah, ma ke haath ke khana stays with in your thoughts for the entire lifetime. Luckily I cook just like my mother, but still, I miss the way she lovingly serves food, and some delicacies that she prepares. Like idli sambhar 😦

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