Swine Flu Deaths in Delhi

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Man swine flu death is here in Delhi.

Although Delhi had one of the highest number of swine flu cases in India, there were no deaths until now. But three deaths have already happened. Two deaths were of people who were related to employees of hospital treating Swine Flu.

WHO says that the desease has no co-relation with the climatic confditions, but I don’t believe. I have lived in Pune and I know that it is worst affected because of its cool climatic conditions. There were also some news report on the same. And I always feared that conditions will worsen in Delhi once the climate gets a little cool.

Waise masks or at least a hanky have become more common sight these days. A few weeks ago, there were not many people who were wearing masks or putting handkerchief to their faces. But as people became aware (earlier it was panic, thanks to the media) prevention methods have become more used.

I too have become more aware. I was going to buy a mask but news reports showed that it is only when one is going to a hospital. One day an interesting incident happened. I boarded a bus and just then I remembered to put on my hanky. I didn’t notice that an elderly man coughed a little. He got embarassed when I tied the hanky to my face. He thought I was suspecting him for swine flu.

I don’t think there is any need for embarrassment. People are just protecting themselves from the epidemic.

Did you know Facebook too is gearing up for immunity from Swine Flu. A new group has come up on Facebook called the FluFighters. The mission statement of the group reads “Prevention through Immunity”. So can we be safe from the disease if we have greater immunity. I too am trying to learn. I am already a member of the group. You too can join the Flu Fighters group.

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