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100_1171This year Rakshabandhan will be a special one for our family.

My neice, who has turned one and half years now, would be tying rakhi to my nephew. Unfortunately both are in two different corners of India. So we are eagerly waiting for the good old postman to deliver the rakhi. The kids hardly know what is going on. Bhabhi was telling that Kukku, my neice, liked the colorful patterns on the rakhi and wanted to tie it to herself. My nephew is much younger to do even that. He will turn half an year old in the next month. I will post some pictures of the festival later. Here are the photos:



This Rakshabandhan is also special because for the first time we are purchasing rakhi. Every year, this was the time when I would feel myself unlucky since I didn’t have a sister. I would eagerly await the rakhis of cousin sisters. In those days, letters were not delivered to our home address. Everyday I woould pester father if there were any letters. While I liked the colorful rakhis, the small letter was what interested me most. The normal letters hardly had  any content for us other than “give love to Lal, Anupam and Aditya (me)”. But the Rakhi letter had more material for me and I would take special interest in answering them.

With time most cousins forgot that small routine of sending rakhis to us. Except for one. I remember to call her about the Rakhi. It hasn’t arrived until now.

And here is my nephew. Tell me how he looks. P190709_17.34

Read more about my nephew at:

Kids will be kids


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