Working in a pajama

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I have joined the Pajama Nation from today onwards, not the official website for small outsourced tasks. Instead I am working from home in even lesser clothes than a pajama, thanks to the rising temperatures in Delhi.

I have joined a MNC that is planning to set office in Bangalore soon. So until the office is set up, I am telecommuting – my first time. I may have to relocate to Bangalore in the month of May.

The first day was as boring as in a regular office. They gave me a product and asked me to study it. I was finished with it in less than fifteen minutes. When I pinged my reporting manager and said that I am done with it, he said that he is a bit busy with his work and will listen to my analysis in the evening. But I have no audience until now.

But as I was home and there was no one to supervise what I was doing on my first day at work I browsed the internet the whole time. Also I have changed the settings of my Yahoo Messenger so that it will not show me idle until 2 hours.

Still the work schedule is not very demanding here. I have to put in 4 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the night. That’s good for me.

But the relocation is still a dilemma for me. I have settled well in Delhi and it will be very difficult to find roots in a completely unknown city of Bangalore. Bangalore is no less than Delhi in terms of opportunities for growth. Also this will not be the first time that I would be living alone. Still I am having doubts about relocation. But the opportunity here is good and the salary too is higher than what I drew in my last organisation. So, I don’t want to miss the opportunity.

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