I am an uncle again

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Just when I had branded 2009 as a dark year, thanks to the many trials and tribulations that this year has showered on me, came a good news.

My sister-in-law has given birth to a lovely son. I am an uncle again.

And despite fears, he has not taken my brother’s dark complexion.

I haven’t seen the new-born baby yet; but reports from my over-excited mother state that he has that milky white fairness, which he has surely inherited from his mother.

He was born on Saturday, 14th Feb, while everyone was celebrating Valentines Day- might grow up to become a lover boy.

We haven’t yet finalised his name. That will not be an easy thing to do. There will be so many suggestions, with some suggestions difficult to reject, since they are from the influential members of the family.


Anyways here are some broad suggestions.

Since the boy was was born on a Saturday, any name of Hanumanji or Lord Shiva will be quite appropriate. I suggested Shanichar at which everyone looked at me with anger.

I am looking for a name starting with the initial few letters of English alphabet, i.e. A to E, or until K. This will ensure that his name is up on the class rolls, if and when he starts going to school (assuming the class rolls are prepared alphabetically).

Also I would love a short and trendy name. Something like Dhruv, Shreya, Harshit, etc. that are very popular on TV these days.

I hate names ending with -der and -esh; so these get rejected altogether.

The pandits are yet to suggest the auspicious letter with which the name should start.

Choosing a name is not a child’s game, you see. People shouldn’t call him names. I remember a girl named Kaamini and her classmates would call her kamini (a slang).

Last year, we went through a similar routine at the birth of my niece. The priest suggested the letter K and after many rejected suggestions, the name Kanak was accepted. Papa wanted the name Prateeksha too (She was born after 5 years of brother’s marriage). So she will be known as Kanak Prateeksha now.

Meanwhile she was confused why her Bari Ma is not taking her in her laps. She turned one this January. When she was finally shown the new born at the hospital, the word Babu came instantly to her mouth. All the way to home, she kept reciting bau, bau.


16 thoughts on “I am an uncle again

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  2. I wanted to name my son “Agni” – was rejected by my wife. She think I am quirky, which I am, I confess. Perhaps you would like to use this name. I liked “Azaan” too – but religious sentiments of many family members came in the way. Picking up name is always difficult. It took us over a month to arrive at my two sons’ names: Arunabh and Abhinav. Abhinav is quite common but we were too tired to find another name.

  3. Agni is a good name. Thanks for the suggestion. Will have to get it approved from the high-command though. Actually people in my family fear that a boy or girl takes after his name, almost unconsciously. What if my nephew is hot headed as agni. Same happened with the name Rudra that I suggested. First it is a very mature name and also what if he is very loose tempered. Man this name choosing thing is really very tiring.

  4. For all you know Agni may turn out to be HOT! πŸ˜‰
    Agni has “tej” which might appeal to your family members. It also has a purifying effect.

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  5. Congratulations!
    OMG! I cant believe you wanted to call him Shanichar. It sounds like a name straight out of an episode of mahabharat. So bhayankar sounding. Almost like it needs an echo at the end. Like Hanuman. Imagine the teacher doing roll call and stopping at his name before taking a deep breath and saying in a booming voice “Hanuman” with an echo at the end. Poor kid. I would crawl out of shame under my desk.

    And I’m with you about the -der and -esh being overdone. Nothing with -eet either.

    And whatever you do, please dont name him anything with something-kumar at the end. Trust me, all the girls will laugh at his geeky name. It’s almost as if you have to be born with nerdy glasses in order to receive such a name.

    If you’re looking for short, trendy names, throw in Yash…one of my distant nephews is called that, and i think its cute. Oh, but then he’d be next to Z on the class roll. πŸ˜›

  6. @vagabond – Do u think I would like to call my nephew by the name shanichar? I was just cracking a joke. Hanuman too is rejected – yes we can have one of the several names of hanuman ji. Yash sounds good but as u tell, he will be last on the rolls. I have this personal feeling that people who are last on the rolls start feeling themselves inferior. and ur take on kumar was a revelation. I have collected some 20 names. let’s see which is selected.

  7. Haaa ha!!! Your post looks to me as one of the best tagged β€œWhat’s there in a name?” post, funny too. Now you may ask me the privileges I am enjoying having a short 4 letters name which starts with the alphabet β€˜A’. I would surely nod my head in agreement for the class-roll (it requires a separate post to write in bullet points) funda πŸ™‚

    I think name which is short and relatively easy to pronounce should be given the highest preference. Now you can check out this weblink, this may be of great help http://www.babynology.com

  8. congratulations πŸ™‚
    And what a wonderfully written post. Selecting a name is indeed difficult work, all the best to you and your family for that πŸ™‚
    BTW, the new template looks good

  9. @alok – yeah i understand the advantages of a name starting with the alphabet A. sorry for the delay in responding to your comment. had gone home to see the new born. returned without fixing any name. I had a whole list of names. all were rejected. ‘Arihant’ became ghadighant. ‘aryan’ was too modern and common. ‘ishan’ was not understandable to common people. we r still in the process of finding names. until then he is called chota babu (although we will never want to call him by that name. our personal experience says that boys named as chotu or chote grow up to be badmashs)

  10. Aadarsh is a name I shortlisted but was unable to use because people deemed it difficult. Ankur, Anoop.

    Good luck!

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