An update

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I had come to the library today and although I hit to the internet workstation with an idea to write something, I can’t get any idea what to write.

Besides this keyboard is making so much noise (actually it is me who types very noisily), the sound of it is echoing through out the silent library. People are ogling at me for being so disturbing.

So just posting here a update on myself. Will post a full fledged post some day from office.

Actually I was on leave today, the reasons for which are more than normal, but I will share it a little later.

Nowadays, life is not as straight and simple as it used to be. There have been some developments which have been a bit tumultuous.

And I will still say they were for good. I was bored to death of the same boring life. Looking forward to something better in future.

But apprehension about the future has not left hold of me. Anyways, I am trying and let’s see when God’s decides to have mercy on me.

Wish me luck friends. Bye and take care.

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10 thoughts on “An update

  1. I love noisy keyboards…they help me think better…I just clank away noisily at them…the noisier the better and if people ogle at me, i just ogle back and hit the keys even harder. *clank!* *clank!*

    And change is good. When you start getting bored of life, you know it’s time for change. It may seem scary at the moment, but looking back, you’ll be glad you made the change. Good luck. 🙂

    • ityadi means miscellaneous – shows that my blog has miscellaneous content – not sticks to one topic.

      otherwise its just a word play on my name.

      didn’t u like the new name of my blog?

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