Barack Obama in his new job

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Barack Hussein Obama took the office of the World’s most powerful person yesterday. On 20th of January, Obama was sworn to the post of President of the United States of America. And although he did stumble while taking the oath, he did it (even a Golma Devi did it in India despite her lack of education).


It was quite amusing to see George Bush as one of the many in the crowd. The Spotlight was on Barack Obama. Even Bill Clinton, who was the ex to ex President, could manage to attract some camera lenses (thanks to Hillary Clinton who might become the Secretary of State), but not Bush. It would have been so difficult for him to step down from so powerful a post. But that is what is democracy.

Now that there is Obama in office, what will be the strategy of Osama camp? Although not exactly a Moslem, he does sport the Hussein in his name (that’s because of his parents practised the religion). Will Osama be able to convince his men to wage the same kind of jihad as he did against Bush? What’s more, will they forget Bush, by far the most hated of the lot.

Also Obama’s steps on India will have to be seen. He has already expressed his disapproval on outsourcing. Will India continue to be the number-1 outsourcing destination. Mexico and US Tier II cities are already set to give tough competition. On stake are the careers of lakhs of young people who joined BPOs as a long term career.

Moreover, would India get some hearing in the durbar of Obama, vis-a-vis Pakistan and its jihadi brigade. Bush was particularly close to Pakistan and no amount of bombings was enough to prove US about Pakistan’s allegiance with terrorists.

So Obama has a lot at hand. He has joined at a time when the World’s economy is tumbling down. His first priority will of course be to bring the economy back to track.

I wish him luck in all his ventures and want him to have some barkat-e-inayat on India as well.

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9 thoughts on “Barack Obama in his new job

  1. thanks for dropping by. the blog layout was from the themes available on wordpress. If your blog is on wordpress, check for the regulus theme. i liked this one after long.

  2. I am also whole heartedly wishing this man good luck.. he has come in at a critical time… or maybe it got critical because he was destined to come in !!! anyway !!!

    I hope some changes for good are going to happen soonest !!!

  3. Yesterday he assured india of good relations with US. Also he is taking some strict action on Pakistan. Looks like he is pledged to undo all the bad policies that his predecessor Bush took during his regime (really some of the most irrational policies of the recent past).

  4. I guess we are expecting too much from a man who has lot of responsibilites. Added to that, he has to correct all the mistakes done by Bush. Plus, the economy has gone down.

    It’s something like expecting Nitish to transform Bihar in a span of 5 years.

  5. yeah i m not asking him to deliver it all now. but at least he can make a start – i liked his initiative on guantanamo bay prisoners. also his straight forward reply to pakistan that it cannot interfere in the internal matters (read kashmir) of india and pakistan.

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