Beating about the (George) Bush

So Mr. Bush closely missed the shoe and although he laughed away the topic, it has greatly eroded his image. And it is the the journalist Muntadar al-Zeidi, who has become a hero overnight.

attack_of_the_flying_shoe_throw_shoe_george_bush_shirt-p235316264812607243u3ke_3251As if the shoe throwing incident was not enough, the internet world has come with more shoes for Bush.

Wired magazine has a big list of games where you can beat bush black and blue. On one of these games, the count of shoes for bush has gone up to 3,00,000.

This shows the unpopularity of Bush, the strongest person from the strongest country in the world.

However, there is one thing I would like to point out.

George Bush says he didn’t mind the shoe throwing from the Iraqi journalist.

However, the journalist was beaten and is still being held for the act, which was not a crime according to Bush.

Now internet companies are coming up with Bush beating games. Does the Bush-supporting parties contemplate a similar action on these companies and the millions of people who are now throwing shoes at him?


8 thoughts on “Beating about the (George) Bush

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    • yeah sorry for the fact that he was to vacate office in a few weeks to come. but yes he brought this upon himself. whatever he has done to iraq and afghanistan in the present and whatever game they have been playing all thru the last century for oil, has manifested itself in the form of the shoe throwing incident

  3. Hello Rahi,
    I dont know if things are still the same in Bangladesh or not, i wrote this blog because i recently i read the book LAJJA by TASLIMA NASREEN, and i cud feel the pain of my grand parents. Do keep reading my blog.

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