Last night as our eye-balls were following the hero’s moves in the movie Matrix, our attention was suddenly diverted to a thud sound coming from the terrace. After a heavy dinner, as we were neatly tucked inside our quilts, no one wanted to go check the source of the sound.

“It must be the cat”, said bhabhi.

“No, the sound was of something heavy”, it was me.

“Might be some bricks from the neighbour’s terrace”, brother said.

“How come? Not a windy night for such things to happen”, me again.

“If you are so anxious to know, why don’t you go upstairs and check for yourself”, brother’s turn.

“Leave it. Kuch hona hoga to hoga hi, abhi se kyon pareshan hon (Whatever has to happen will happen. Why to worry now)”.

We got back to enjoying Matrix.

Come winters and such lazy behaviour is commonplace.

The water is so chilled that I cut its usage to a bare minimum (The worse is when the maid is not home and I am the one who has to do the dishes. The worst is when there is the unclean saucepan and its my duty to prepare tea in the morning.)

Once inside the quilt, I seldom come out. There have been instances when I have controlled the pressure until the morning.

Only recently have I started to bathe regularly in the winters. I used to take advantage of the fact that I sweat very little, even in summers. Somehow colleagues knew of this fact and would doubt me even on days when I bathed. Even now I don’t take a bath on weekends or days when I am not going outside. Don’t know why but it gives me a sense of freedom.

There are many more changes in routine during the winters.


9 thoughts on “Winters

  1. Stop making me feel cold..erm…colder!
    There is a snow storm outside even as I type and I have zero motivation to move away from sitting next to the toasty heater and get to work. The worst part of winter here where I live is having to scrape all the snow and ice off the car every day. Even with gloves on, my hands get super cold and I have to come back in to warm them before I drive off. Brrrrrr!

    • wow! i so much like that kind of a climate. snow everywhere. different perceptions u see. am planning to devote some weekend for a trip to some snowy place. and i will endure the cold to enjoy snow.

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