Seema Goyal- The new age Savitri

The ultra modern despise marriage – they say they do not want to commit themselves to a relationship. Men fear such committment the most.

“Women are doors to hell”

“A wedding is where the man loses his bachelors degree and the woman gains her masters”

Lest you advice them on the importance of wife by telling the story of Savitri and Satyavan (Savitri forced Yamraj (God of Death) to give back the life of Satyavan, her husband), and they tell it’s mythology.

Show them how Madhoo brought back her husband Arvind Swamy from the confines of terrorists in the movie Roja, and they tell it’s Bollywood.

Tell them it will be your spouse who will be with you when all are gone – parents, children, friends etc. “Let’s think of the future in the future”, they say.

But Seema Goyal is not from mythology or bollywood.

Seema Goyal is a live example of a woman who relentlessly fought for the release of her husband, Captain Prabhat Goyal of Stolt Valour, hiijacked by Somalian pirates. She left no stone unturned to contact the prime minister, the defence minister, external affairs minister, media, as well as her husband’s employer shipping company.

She is no less a Savitri of this age. At a time when none of the governments involved was ready to do anything and the shipping company was not ready to spare the ransom money, it was largely because of her sheer determination that the men have been released.

May be she serves as an eye opener for men fearing marriage.


8 thoughts on “Seema Goyal- The new age Savitri

  1. @kiran – she is really very strong-willed or she would have given up long back.

    @vagabond – indeed a love story. only that the characters here are not typical of love stories. but true love never ages

  2. thanx to all your moral support that my eforts were payed. Efforts which are supported by prayers are definately answered n yes all of you prayed from the botteoms of your hearts for my efforts…. thanx to all

  3. Hey it’s great to hav u on my blog. i cannot believe that u hav come to my blog. i really respect u as a woman. it was ur sheer will that resulted in ur success at getting captain goyal and others getting freedom from the pirates.

  4. Thanx rahi for writing n making me a celebraty….. but yes i m same like you all an any ordinary lady ….. you can revertt personally on my mail is as this is the common email id for me n capt …… thaqnx once again…..

  5. Mam, it is from the ordinary that the extraordinary crop up. You have really done an extraordinary thing to get this praise – much like Savitri as I mentioned in my blog. I would like to say that Captain Sir is quite fortunate that he got you as the life partner. Best of luck to both of you for your future.

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